The Richland Hospital and Clinics welcomes new board members

May 28, 2024


Richland Center, WI – The Richland Hospital and Clinics (TRHC) welcomed three new members to its board of directors at its annual meeting on April 22. Ed Leineweber, Karn Schauf, and Ryan Boebel, all of Richland Center, will begin holding board responsibilities immediately.

“Our board members play an essential role in steering our organization and ensuring that we remain committed to serving the community’s needs,” said CEO Bruce Roesler. “We’re eager to welcome these new members and their perspectives to our organization.”

Board members typically serve a three-year term. With the arrival of the new members, three other board members will be stepping down: Traci Peterson, John Poole, and Marilyn Rinehart. These members served on the organization’s board for three terms.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the organization,” said Rinehart, a one-time employee of the hospital who still volunteers at the Richland Community Free Clinic housed within TRHC. “A century ago my grandfather was among the signers of the Articles of Incorporation for The Richland Hospital. Half a century ago I started my nursing career here. As a board member for the past eight years, I have learned that The Richland Hospital and Clinics is positioned to continue to provide high quality, independent health care for many years to come.”

John Poole agrees: “I’ve always known The Richland Hospital & Clinics to be a superior health care organization and my nine years on the board of directors has only reinforced and strengthened that belief.”

Board members play a crucial role in providing oversight of the strategic direction of the organization, a role that Poole says was gratifying and reassuring. “I want members of our community to know what a top-notch independent health care facility we have and assure them that decisions made by the board and administration are studied intensively, always with an eye on what will serve best the needs of the community,” he said.

Departing board member Traci Peterson recalls a critical decision the board made during one of the early meetings she participated in. “There was much discussion on whether the hospital should begin employing hospitalists to care for inpatients or rely on the clinic physicians as we had done in the past. We elected to launch the hospitalist program, and I believe that has improved patient care,” Peterson said.

“As an independent health care system, we rely on local community members to help us make decisions that serve the interests of the neighbors and families of the greater Richland area,” Roesler said. “We’re grateful for the volunteer service of John, Marilyn, and Traci; and we welcome Ed, Karn, and Ryan to the hospital board.

The incoming board members bring diverse experiences and deep familiarity with the community to their service. Ed Leineweber is a semi-retired lawyer and reserve judge who has lived in the community for 50 years. Ryan Boebel currently serves as the chief credit officer at Community First Bank. His wife is originally from the area, and the couple has been raising their children here for years. Karn Schauf has served the community as a social worker for the last 33 years and has had extensive involvement with various civic organizations over those three decades.

The incoming board members look forward to contributing to the organization’s success and spoke to its role within the community. “The Richland Hospital and Clinics is a critically important institution in our community,” said Leineweber. In addition to being the largest employer in the county, the organization provides access to health care options that would otherwise require travel. “Access to quality health care and experienced providers is vital to any community,” said Boebel.

Like the outgoing members who preceded them, the new board members are already finding the experience to be fulfilling. “It’s only been a month, but since beginning with the hospital board I have already come into contact with hospital staff and management who truly want patients to receive the best care and to have positive experiences, things that are important to me as a social worker,” Schauf said.

Among the board’s top priorities in 2024 will be approving plans for facility renovations and updates at TRHC’s current location. The group will also offer strategic oversight as the organization makes plans to ensure it remains competitive in a challenging health care market while delivering essential services to the community.


The Richland Hospital and Clinics is a nationally awarded health care facility dedicated to caring, educating, and healing. Providing compassionate care for nearly 100 years to residents of the greater Richland County area, TRHC operates an independent, integrated group medical practice in three locations, including rural health clinics in Spring Green and Muscoda and a critical access hospital at its primary location in Richland Center, WI.