Jerry Cooper

Apr 19, 2024

Jerry Cooper was hired as programmer for the Data Processing Department at The Richland Hospital in 1989.

When Jerry started, the organization housed 12 computers and one server. Data was stored on floppy discs.

Jerry remembers his first office in a small house near the hospital. The servers were stored upstairs in the house, and the air conditioning had to run all the time to keep them from overheating. “It could be 92 degrees outside, and I’d have to run a space heater to feel my fingers at the end of the day,” Cooper recalls.

Some things have changed in the 34 years that Jerry has been with the organization. “Even the oven in the kitchen has software now,” Cooper muses. “If something plugs into a wall, IT is probably involved with it.”

Jerry’s contributions are evident every day. As head of IT for more than 30 years, he’s ensured our systems and equipment can facilitate our work in a constantly changing environment.

As the organization looks to the next 100 years, Cooper says being able to change is important: “We have to be able to evolve, to change with the changing demands of health care.”

The ability to change and adapt is something Jerry knows about, and The Richland Hospital and Clinics is fortunate to have had his help learning and growing through the years.

Thank you for your contributions, Jerry!