Ty Mulholland

Apr 19, 2024

The Richland Hospital and Clinics has benefitted from the dedication and commitment of many exceptional employees over the years, and Ty Mulholland is one of them. As of 2024, Ty will have been a part of TRHC for 34 years, a third of the organization’s 100-year history.

That kind of longevity certainly contributes to what Ty believes makes The Richland Hospital and Clinics unique. “The culture here is so special,” Ty states. “Seeing patients through the years makes them feel like an extension of your family.”

Ty was originally hired as The Director of Dietary and Clinical Nutrition. She became interested in nutrition as a career in high school when a classmate interviewed Ann Elmsley, who was The Richland Hospital Director of Dietary at that time. Listening to her classmate’s speech, coupled with choosing to write English papers on nutrition and disease connections, Ty thought, “Maybe that’s something I’d like to do.”

Over the years, Ty’s role has shifted to focus more on diabetes education. Now one of the organization’s two Registered Dietitians who are also Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, Ty meets with patients and providers to ensure patients with diabetes understand how to handle their disease and get the care they need.

Always someone who sought to bring empathy to the care she provided, Ty’s work took a more personal turn in 2010 when her daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The experience had a profound impact on Ty’s practice. “It’s altered my perspective on my work,” Ty said. “Whoever is sitting across from me as a patient, I know it’s not easy.”

Throughout her years of practice as a Registered Dietitian, Ty has seen a lot of change. “Nutrition is always influenced by the latest research, the latest fad,” she says. Less rigid than she used to be about what healthy eating looks like, Ty says a few general principles rise to the top: “Eat more fruits and vegetables,” she says. “More natural foods, try not to live on supplements,” she adds, “and focus on low saturated fat proteins.”

We’re grateful to Ty for her dedication to patients and for her warmth and enthusiasm as a co-worker. Thank you, Ty, for making The Richland Hospital and Clinics a great place to work and receive care!