Hospitalist Program

Apr 19, 2024

A more recent development in our organization’s history is our hospitalist program, which was launched in 2016 in partnership with the Rural Physicians Group.

Before the hospitalist program started, primary care doctors from the clinic would be called on to care for their own hospitalized patients. In the years when the Richland Medical Center was located across town, this meant doctors would start their mornings by making rounds at the hospital, checking on the status of their patients who were hospitalized, before going to the clinic to begin receiving the day’s appointments.

A hospitalist is a doctor whose sole focus is caring for inpatients within a hospital. Our hospitalists are on call 24 hours a day, attending to patient needs as they arise. Hospitalists have been shown to improve patient safety, reduce the length of hospital stays, and lower mortality rates in hospitalized patients.

Dr. Jacob Kalliath was our first hospitalist when the program began in 2016, and today he serves as our lead hospitalist. He’s currently joined by four other physicians who attend to our inpatients: Dr. Shabaz Mohammad Begum; Dr. Chang Yang; and Drs. Mysa Nguyen and Andrew Wright, who also provide primary care. The hospitalist program liaison is Rachel Fruit, RN.