Dr. Rundell, ankle and foot specialist, joins The Richland Hospital and Clinics team

Oct 31, 2022

The Richland Hospital and Clinics (TRHC) is pleased to announce the addition of highly-trained, board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Joseph Rundell. He will bring specialty foot and ankle services and surgery to the community.

Being able to respond to the needs of our community is what guides Dr. Rundell. He will be able to address a wide array of adult and pediatric foot/ankle conditions, injuries, and more, such as:

Ankle joint:
• Instability
• Injury (sprains, fractures, Achilles’ tendon rupture)
• Arthritis
• Total ankle joint replacement

• Toe pain/numbness/tingling
• Hammertoe correction
• In-grown nails
• Fungus
• Nail or toe injury
• Turf toe

Other foot conditions:
• Plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, arch pain
• Bunion correction
• Tendonitis and bursitis
• Nerve damage – tingling, numbness, pain
• Heel pain
• Deformity correction
• Orthotics (shoe inserts)
• Minimally-invasive surgery

Skin lesions:
• Warts
• Callouses
• Corns
• Moles
• Skin biopsies

Diabetic foot care:
• Toenail care
• Blood flow
• Ulcers/infections
• Neuropathy (tingling, numbness, and pain)
• Charcot (break down of bones due to nerve damage)
• Shoes

While Dr. Rundell believes in a minimally-invasive approach and will use injections and oral/topical medications for pain control and treatment, in some cases surgery might be the best option. He provides inpatient, outpatient, and emergency surgery for those situations.
Seeing his patients get back to life is a very tangible reward for Dr. Rundell. Often, he can physically see the improvement in patient’s lives after foot and ankle treatment, which is part of what motivated him to become a podiatrist.

“I’m here and willing to help any which way I can. I really look forward to working with everyone in this community. I can’t wait to get in the swing of things and get to know my patients and our community,” stated Dr. Rundell.

Dr. Rundell began working in the chemical industry, but he did not see himself doing that forever. As a result, he job shadowed some friends going into health care, which led him to becoming TRHC’s new podiatrist.

Dr. Rundell earned his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, and then completed his medical education at Temple University of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He joins us after completing his Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency at HCA Houston Healthcare West in Texas. Dr. Rundell also completed a Fellowship at Northwest Illinois, where he focused on deformity reconstruction and limb salvage.

In his spare time, Dr. Rundell enjoys hiking, traveling, investing, skiing, and scuba diving. He’s already familiar with the slopes at Devil’s Head in Baraboo but looks forward to figuring out which sites and events he would like to discover next in our area. Additionally, Dr. Rundell would also like to get his pilot’s license someday.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rundell, please call 608.647.6161.