Joseph Rundell, DPM


Foot and Ankle Surgery


The Richland Hospital and Clinic

Muscoda Health Center

Spring Green Medical Center



About Joseph Rundell, DPM


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA – Medical School

HCA Houson Healthcare West Podiatry, Houston, TX – Residency


Dr. Rundell believes that “foot pain is not normal, and you shouldn’t put up with it.” He’ll begin with the least-invasive approach and can address a wide array of adult and pediatric foot/ankle conditions, injuries, and more. If needed, he can also perform foot/ankle surgery. Here are some services he offers:

Ankle joint:

  • Instability
  • Injury (sprains, fractures, Achilles’ tendon rupture)
  • Arthritis
  • Total ankle joint replacement


  • Toe pain/numbness/tingling
  • Hammertoe correction
  • In-grown nails
  • Fungus
  • Nail or toe injury
  • Turf toe

Other foot conditions:

  • Plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, arch pain
  • Bunion correction
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • Nerve damage – tingling, numbness, pain
  • Heel pain
  • Deformity correction

Skin lesions:

  • Warts
  • Callouses
  • Corns
  • Moles
  • Skin biopsies

Diabetic foot care:

  • Toenail care
  • Blood flow
  • Ulcers/infections
  • Neuropathy (tingling, numbness, and pain)
  • Charcot (break down of bones due to nerve damage)
  • Shoes


  • Orthotics (shoe inserts)
  • Bracing, casting
  • Pain management through injections or oral/topical medications
  • Oral/topical medications for other conditions
  • Inpatient, outpatient, and emergency surgery

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