If you did not have a Hospital Patient Portal account prior to the upgrade on July 1, you’ll need to create a new Health Portal account.

You need to have an email on file with us BEFORE creating it. You can call The Richland Hospital and Clinics at 608.647.6321 and ask for Registration; they can add your email to your patient information.

Then you can click the  “Create Account” tab here and follow the steps, or wait for the email with the link to create an account.

Renewal/Refill Requests

The first time you need a renewal/refill in the new Health Portal, please call your pharmacy to request it.

After each renewal/refill is placed the first time via the pharmacy, you can then use the Health Portal for future requests of that medication.

Messaging Providers

In order to message a provider in the new Health Portal, you need to have a completed visit on file with that specific provider after the upgrade date of 07/01/22.

If you need an immediate response, please contact The Richland Hospital and Clinics directly by telephone; do not message your provider through the portal. If you feel this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

Portal messages will be answered within 7 days.

Appointment Requests

At this time, you are not able to request or cancel an appointment in the new Health Portal. Please call your provider to manage your appointments.

We anticipate this option to come at a later date.

Health Record, Visit History, Medications History, etc. (In New Health Portal)

Contains all new clinic and hospital records starting July 1, 2022

Contains all clinic lab and radiology records after December 2019

Also contains hospital records since 2010 (ER visits, surgery, inpatient stays, diagnostic tests, etc.)

Visit our Health Information System FAQs page for more information.