Apr 15, 2024

Throughout our history, The Richland Hospital and Clinics has maintained a robust, active laboratory department. Pictured above is Lorraine Dalberg, a longtime medical lab technician who retired in 2008.

A hospital expansion in 2000 provided our lab team with a larger, updated space, which still houses this team of 24 today.

Laboratory services are critical to timely patient care and diagnoses. Our laboratory provides testing in hematology, chemistry, immunology, toxicology, urinalysis, blood gases, molecular testing, and microbiology. They perform up to 500,000 tests annually. The work they do helps providers diagnose and treat such conditions as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, bacterial and viral infections, cancer, leukemia, and anemia.

In addition to these services, the lab maintains a blood bank and performs compatibility testing of blood used for transfusions, ensuring safe, life-saving transfusions for members of our community.

Our lab is also proud to maintain a microbiology department to full capacity, as many small hospitals have had to outsource these services to department and this talented, dedicated team.