Thank you for your interest in our Facility Replacement Project. Below is a list of questions we’ve heard from community members and staff along with our answers. 

If you have a question that has not been answered by these resources, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please reach out to us at communityrelations@richlandhospital.com.

Q: How does the decision to pause the facility replacement project affect patient care now and in the future?

A: TRHC will continue to provide the exceptional care and services our patients have come to expect from us.  There is no plan to eliminate or reduce services at our current facility.  Our executive management team and hospital board will continue to assess the need for and timing of any new facility in the future.

Q: Are there any specific services or proposed services affected?

A: No.  We had determined that in spite of the new facility design being smaller overall, we were not intending to reduce any services nor were there any new services being planned directly related to or dependent on a new facility.  

Q: Did TRHC receive any large donations for the facility replacement project?

A: A capital campaign had not been initiated and no donations/funds were solicited, however, The Richland Hospital Foundation did receive a singular restricted and unsolicited donation for the new facility. That donation will be held for the requested purpose unless the donor requests it be returned.     

Q: What happens to the 40-acre former Koch Tractor site that TRHC demoed and remediated? Does it remain in TRHC’s portfolio for future development?

A: The property will be retained by TRHC.  It is a preferred site for our future needs.

Q: What has TRHC invested in the property, development, and costs related to the project?

A: The property acquisition cost was approximately $1.2 million.  Costs related to environmental testing, demolition, remediation, and planning/design were in excess of $1 million.  TRHC considers these monies an investment in the future development of the property.

Q: With this decision, instead of building an entirely new campus, is TRHC doing any capital improvements to improve their services and facilities now? Or, planning on doing so in the future?

A: We are currently prioritizing capital improvements to the existing facility.  Anticipated investments are necessary in order to remain in the current facility for the immediate future.  TRHC has begun to meet with stakeholders and formulate a plan for critical repairs and improvements to maintain safety and quality of care.

Q: In what ways did the proposed facility fail to meet patient and staff needs?

A: The cost of construction has escalated in recent years making it impossible to build an appropriate facility at a price point that was affordable.  Rather than compromise, TRHC leadership chose to delay this project.

Q: CEO Bruce Roesler said TRHC will focus their energy on “optimizing patient services, organizational culture, and financial performance.” What actions will be taken to optimize the three things he listed?

A: In spite of being a 5-star rated facility, there is always room to improve the patient experience.  Likewise, we continuously work with our employees to create a more satisfying culture.  Finally, our financial performance is below expectations this year, so we continue to look to increase efficiencies and improve market share.