Dr. Thomas joins The Richland Hospital and Clinics family medicine team

Oct 6, 2022

Richland Center, WI – The Richland Hospital and Clinics (TRHC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Lauren Thomas, Family Medicine with Obstetrics, has joined the team.

Dr. Thomas received her degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She became the Chief Resident for the Waukesha Family Medicine Residency last year, where there is a very strong obstetrics program.

In undergraduate school, Dr. Thomas studied public and community health, but then a trip to Kenya steered her into family practice. She was working in a clinic there and was envious of the relationship that the providers had with patients. This ignited her passion to work on more of a one-on-one level with patients and families in rural family medicine. Her goal to become a community doctor while growing roots and getting to know the community began there.

This experience led Dr. Thomas to Family Medicine with Obstetrics. One of the most important aspects of family medicine for her is getting to treat a variety of situations while using an additional level of care for people – and their families — throughout their whole lives.

In addition, being part of a woman’s pregnancy and delivery, and then getting to take care of her child for the first years, is another catalyst for specializing in obstetrics.

Dr. Thomas first became familiar with this area when she did a rotation last October at the La Farge Vernon Memorial Health Clinic. Seeing the beauty of Richland County and surrounding areas, as well as the plethora of outdoor activities, cemented her decision to work here.

“This is completely a dream job here at TRHC. I enjoy the small-town atmosphere and taking care of my neighbors,” Dr. Thomas remarked. “I look forward to becoming an active part of this community.”

In her free time, Dr. Thomas enjoys gardening, playing soccer and lacrosse, hiking, traveling, and, of course, cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas, please call 608.647.6161.