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Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter Classes

Preparing Adolescent Babysitters is What Safe Sitter is All About

Safe Sitter is one of the few programs we are able to offer pre-teens. It is an opportunity to increase self-esteem through teaching life-saving techniques and promoting early nurturing skills.

Young pre-teen babysitter hugging five or six year old girl with cut out colored construction paper project on the table in front of them.

Safe Sitter Is

A medically accurate instructional program. Richland Hospital accepts students for the program who have completed 5th grade.

Because Safe Sitter’s immediate goal is to reduce the numbers of accidental and preventable deaths among children being cared for by babysitters, the course stresses how to handle emergencies – major and minor. The course is intensive and interactive. During the two-day program, students listen, practice, role play – and learn an array of topics including:

  • Safety precautions
  • Child and Infant CPR
  • Care for a choking infant or child
  • Recognizing emergencies
  • Calling for emergency help

This “ready to teach” program also covers the basics of child care. Topics range from how to feed and diaper an infant to what problems to expect with each age group from infant to school age. Principles of the ethical and business aspects of babysitting are discussed.

To become a Safe Sitter, students must pass rigorous written and practical exams. Safe Sitter was founded in 1980 by Indianapolis pediatrician, Dr. Patricia A. Keener, after a nurse’s 18-month-old choked to death while under the care of an adult sitter. In reflecting on her colleague’s loss, Dr. Keener recognized the vulnerability of young children when cared for by unprepared child care providers. Dr. Keener taught the first Safe Sitter class in an Indianapolis middle school. Since that first class of 18 students, over 350,000 young people have completed the course. Safe Sitter is currently taught in all 50 states and England.

Safe Sitter Logo with the trademarked tagline "Better Sitters Today. Better Parents Tomorrow."

Safe Sitter is a high-quality program that gives young adolescents the skills to be safe, nurturing babysitters. Parents/guardians are always impressed with the results.

Richland Hospital’s Safe Sitter Program Was Named a Top 10 U.S.A. Safe Sitter Program

2017 Classes:

Each class lasts one day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. The fee for this class is $20.

  • July 17 – Spring Green Library
  • July 18 – Spring Green Library
  • August 2 – Richland Hospital
  • August 24 – Richland Hospital
  • October 27 – Richland Hospital
  • December 28 – Richland Hospital

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