Therapy Patient Stories

Therapy Patient Stories


Superb Cardiac Care Close to Home

jones-patientWomen often brush off symptoms of a heart attack as stress, the flu, or just feeling under the weather. Maggie Jones had almost no symptoms at all while she was hiking with her friend. Then, she became very breathless. “I chalked it up to being heavier than I would like to be and out of shape,” she said. Lucky for Maggie, her friend is also her doctor’s wife. Later that night, her doctor phoned her to say that she needed to get her symptoms checked out.

Tests revealed that Maggie had blockages in her heart. Soon she was on her way to Madison for the heart catheterization procedure. “I feel very fortunate to live in a time when these types of advancements are available. Not long ago, I would have had my chest opened up for the repair,” she said. “I am also thankful that my friend told her husband or I probably wouldn’t have done anything at all. She likely saved my life.”

Upon returning home, Maggie got a call from a member of the Richland Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation team. She said ‘yes’ right away to joining the class and quickly began her 12 week, 36 visit journey.

“I got superb care,” she said. “Those people are terrific, supportive and positive in every way.” The program re-energized Maggie and helped her to see that she had been a little lazy about finding a way to exercise during hot summer days. The class motivated her to continue exercising and she found a way to get ahead of the heat on summer days.

“I live near a beautiful forest. So now I go for hikes in the forest early in the day before it gets hot,” she said. “Then, I feel good all day because I have gotten my exercise in. I don’t have to worry about it or find time. It is just how I start my day.”

Maggie Jones recommends the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at the Richland Hospital. For more information call at 608-647-6321.


Orthopaedic Surgery and Therapy Get Nugent Back to Doing What He Enjoys

Orthopaedic and Therapy patient Bob Nugent

The Richland Hospital’s Frank F. Mohr Therapy Center has the equipment and expertise to get you back on your feet and on the road to recovery from your orthopaedic procedure. Bob Nugent had knee replacement surgery and physical therapy at the Richland Hospital.

“They did a great job,” Nugent said. “I have great range of motion and I can do anything I want to.” His physical therapist was Maria Bohl. She said that a patient’s outlook and state of mind are big factors in how their recovery goes. “Bob had a great attitude and worked very hard during his rehabilitation,” she said.

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