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AOTM – 2013 Archive

Athletes of the Month – 2013 Archive

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December 2013 Athletes of the Month

Hannah Adsit

Sophomore, Ithaca High School, Basketball


Hannah Adsit is a sophomore at Ithaca High School. She’s been asked to do a few new things under Coach Johnson, and though she struggled early in the season with some turnovers, she has really taken some strides in improving in that area. Against Weston right before the Christmas break, Hannah had her best game playing the first 30 minutes of the game without committing a turnover while also leading the team in scoring with 18 points. Her effort led the Bulldogs to a 25 point win over Weston.

Kyle Breininger

Senior, Richland Center High School, Basketball


I am nominating Kyle Breininger for the Athlete of the Month of December for his outstanding practice and play. Kyle is a true point guard in all facets of the game. He is very unselfish guard who is always looking to get his teammates open shots and involved in the offense. Kyle had 18 assists in December and really stood out with four assist game in a comeback win against Platteville. He is currently averaging 2.6 Assists per game.

Even though Kyle is a point guard, he is an extremely good rebounder. He does a tremendous job of reading how the ball comes off of the rim and then uses his strength and athleticism to rip the ball away from the bigger guys on the court. He also stood out in the comeback win against Platteville where he had a total of 8 boards (six defensive and two offensive). He is currently averaging 4.3 rebounds per game.

Where I have been most happy with Kyle is the way he comes to practice night in and night out. He is always prompt, focused and ready to compete. He is often seen diving for loose balls, taking charges and doing the little/gritty things that a lot of guys don’t like to do. The other kids feed off of the energy he brings and he makes our team better. Kyle has also made his strength a priority. He is consistently at the gym after our normal two hour practice to lift weights. He has been very dedicated to getting stronger and it has translated to more confident play on the court.

One key play that really sticks out to me happened towards the end of the game in a big win against Westby. We had called a timeout at the end of the game and were down by a point. We drew up an inbounds play setting a double screen away for Kyle who caught the ball and took it right into the chest of a defender, making the basket and getting the foul. He made the free throw to put us up by two points.

As a coach, I have been very happy with Kyle’s progression. He is a great basketball player and a great kid. I find it hard to take him out of the game because he is such a strong asset to our team both in terms of ability and leadership. I think he is truly the athlete of the month!


November 2013 Athletes of the Month

Michela Campbell

Senior, Richland Center High School, Girls Basketball


I’d like to nominate Michela Campbell for Athlete of the Month for the month of November. While we did not play any games during the month, Michela was an exemplary leader on the basketball court during practice. While a senior on our team, Michela missed a good portion of last season as she recovered from an ACL injury. This off-season, she continued her recovery as well as developing her overall basketball skills. Her dedication and commitment in the off-season, as well as her work ethic and leadership during practice, earned her a job as co-captain of our team. This is not a title that is simply given to a senior, but rather a role given to someone that defines leadership. Michela fits that mold and I am extremely looking forward to watching her leadership and basketball ability continue to grow throughout the season. Regardless of wins or losses of the team, Michela is worthy of recognition as an exceptional student-athlete. Please consider her for your Athlete of the Month award for November.

Jordan Cockroft

Senior, Ithaca High School, Girls Basketball


Her leadership has been tremendous under a difficult situation. The Ithaca Girls Basketball team lost their head coach within a few weeks of the season starting. She helped me the new coach get caught up to speed and has been great with her teammates pointing out new things but also helping explain to the newer players and myself what they did before.

She then went out and led her team in the first game of the year just 7 days into the season as the team won 59-34. Jordan had 17 points, 17 rebounds, 4-5 assists, 3 blocks, and 3 steals. Other members of the team were in foul trouble, but she lead the team in one of the best performances this coach as seen. For actions on and off the court I believe Jordan Cockroft would make a great member of the Athlete of the Month club.

Trevor Curtis

Senior, Richland Center High School, Wrestling


We have not start matches yet but he is a team leader and is one of my captains. His leadership is next to best. He is one of the first ones in practice and one of the last ones out. During practice he is always cheering the kids on and getting them motivated. He is a three year letter winner in wrestling and plays soccer in the fall sports.


October 2013 Athletes of the Month

Silas Coleman

Junior, Richland Center High School, Football


I realize our season hasn’t been the most successful in the wins and loss column but I have a couple players that just recently earned All Conference recognition in football and during a down season that can be a challenge but they were still recognized by the conference teams.
Silas has been involved in the football program since I started the youth tackle league when he was a 6th graders.

Silas Coleman is a very dedicated team member and a 2 way starter for us who rarely misses any time on the field or in the classroom, he earned all conference honors on the offensive line for the second year in a row, he was named one of this year’s team captains by his teammates and voted as most as most dedicated by his team also. Silas is a stand up young man with a great work ethic on and off the field and very deserving of athlete of the month.

Jessica Laue

Junior, Ithaca High School, Volleyball


She has taken on the role of middle hitter in the front row and setter in the back. Not many middles can take on the role of setter, but Jess has done well. The past few games now she is getting 10-15 kills per game along with several blocks. She is smart at the net and can see where the holes are. I always knew she had good setting hands and previously played her right outside hitter. She knew we had the need for a setter and has stepped up. Jessica is also the heart of our team. She is fired up all the time. She is a team captain and does a nice job leading our team.


September 2013 Athletes of the Month

Ryley Cooper

Senior, Richland Center, Football

Athlete of the Month Tyler Cooper.

Ryley is a great example of a dedicated Scholar/athlete, he is able to mix both together and excel both in the classroom and on the field. Although our team has not won many games this season Ryley has been very solid at whatever position we put him at, he is definitely our #1 defensive lineman and although we don’t have many stats to back up his efforts we always know that Ryley will give us his all every time he steps on the field.

Again defensive lineman don’t always have the stats to prove their ability, however there is more to a young man’s worth than stats and Ryley definitely deserves the recognition. Ryley is the type of person not only his football coaches can count on but anyone he is involved with will be able to do the same. He has volunteered at several volunteer events throughout our community and he is involved in our local fair showing animals.

Amanda Meister

Sophomore, Riverdale Volleyball

Amanda Meister has been a starting setter for the past two years for our Varsity team. In that time she has grown tremendously, skill-wise, as well as with leadership. Being a young setter with hitters that demand a lot out of you, isn’t easy. Amanda always has a smile on her face and is doing her best to positively encourage her team. She will never say a negative thing about a teammate (or person in general) and she always takes the blame when a set may be ‘off’ or a dig goes flying. She has an instinct about the game that you just can’t teach. She finds herself in the right spot at the right time and she is a setter with a hitter’s mentality. If you are going to allow her to find ways to get kills, she will, and she will continue to do it until you stop her. She always has the desire to win but is honest and hard-working to get there.

Amanda is an athlete that could play any position on the court and make it look easy. She is hands down the best defense playing setter I have worked with (coached and played). Amanda wants her teammates happy and wants her all-around play to be perfect. She is constantly striving to improve herself and takes criticism and advice with a nod and a smile. She may be the most coachable athlete I’ve ever worked with. Amanda has had countless compliments from officials and coaches pertaining to her play and attitude. She is not only a tremendous player but a tremendous person. She leads both on the court and off by example.

Statistically, Amanda is in the top three of our team in everything. She is a contender for all-conference and in the future will be a nominee for all-state. In the month of September Amanda has tallied: 49 Kills, 300 Assists (including two matches with 30 and 35), 4.5 Blocks and 151 Digs.

Zander Rothering

Senior, Richland Center, Soccer

Athlete of the Month Zander Rothering.

I am forced, by the merits of this student-athlete, to nominate him for AOTM for September. This is a senior soccer athlete of extraordinary talent, quality of character, and academic merit. A player who showed extra good leadership throughout September 2013, both in his attitude and work ethic. I absolutely must nominate Zander Rothering, and beg your approval.

As captain, he has stayed positive through tough matches, and led us with extreme work ethic. He even insisted that the team should clean out the team room when it got a little messy, and brought air fresheners, and ran the broom himself. This young man has come a long way in his high school soccer career, an now that career rushes to a close, and he’ll be sorely missed.

He keeps a sense of humor, and works very hard on the field and off. As a result of his work, he has become an almost unstoppable striker. In September alone, he recorded 21 goals, which is insane, and also 4 assists. 9 of his goals were unassisted. He has produced assists, but also earned many corner kicks in September, which was a huge help to the team. We scored on a lot of those corner kicks. Zander averages 2 goals per game, but had as many as 6 in a single game in September, unequaled in my tenure as head coach.

Although he is one of our best free-kickers, I was really happy at WI Heights to see him step aside and allow a sophomore to take a penalty kick in a tight game. When that sophomore missed the shot, Zander showed him support, rather than disappointment. He has been such a good leader this season, and continues to be a good leader.

In addition to all his soccer-related work, it should also be mentioned that this young man carries a 4.061 GPA. That is the kind of on-field/off-field leadership that certainly deserves recognition. An amazing Senior, player, leader, and student.

Ashlyn Tyl

Senior, Richland Center, Volleyball

September 2013 Athlete of the Month Ashlyn Tyl.

Ashlyn is a senior this year on the RCHS volleyball team. While she does not see much court time, Ashlyn has been a leader and motivator for this team in its rebuilding year. She was voted the #1 captain by her teammates for her dedication to the sport and the team and for her good choices both on the court and off. Ashlyn is a positive member of this team and despite her limited floor time, she remains upbeat, cheerful and always encouraging to her teammates. She takes it upon herself to organize the majority of the team events and activities. She does all of this while she also takes on leadership roles in other school co-curriculars such as SADD and she is the senior class president.

Ashlyn will be earning her first varsity letter this season and has shown that sports isn’t all about playing time, but about being a part of a team and she has modeled that quality with integrity, demeanor and the actions and efforts she puts forth in practice and matches.


August 2013 Athletes of the Month

Jaide Johnson

Junior, Riverdale, Volleyball

August 2013 Athlete of the Month Jaide Johnson.

Jaide has been a Varsity starter since her freshman year. Jaide has always been a fantastic athlete physically; however, this year she has shown tremendous growth mentally. Jaide is making shots and communicating things to teammates that I have usually had to deal with. She has stepped up into a great leader without coming across as threatening or bossy to her teammates. When watching Jaide play it is obvious that she puts a lot of time in and loves the game. She has always led by example – but this year she is naturally taking on more responsibility. She communicates where the hitters are, what sets to run against which blockers, where to serve, and demands the ball at crucial points in matches. I am very proud and excited to watch her develop these next two years. She has helped raise the bar/expectations at Riverdale – she calls her teammates to set up days to play in the sand and ‘bugs’ me to open the gym even more in the summer. We have had one tournament so far and her stats speak volumes about her role on our team. 7 best of 3 matches – 5 aces, 51 kills, 4 blocks, and 27 digs.

Cristian Mondragon

Senior, Richland Center, Soccer

Athlete of the Month, Cristian Mondragon.

Cristian’s play in August was impressive, as were his practices. He is the captain to whom no one is invisible, he encourages his teammates. His attitude has come a long way, as has his fitness level, and for Cristian and the team, August was a good month.

In addition to anchoring us at Center Mid., Cristian had 4 assists in August: 1 crucial corner kick for a win against conference opponent Prairie du Chien, then he had 2 stellar assists in a battle with Columbus (again one on a corner kick, and the other from a free kick); he finished up the assistance with a very nice one against Platteville in SWC action. His service to the team has been extraordinary. As Center Mid. his setup play is vital to our offensive success.

Cristian was a major leadership element in a very good preseason for the Hornets, always working very hard, always encouraging. We have a lot of young players on the team, and his leadership and mentoring has been wonderful for them and me and the group as a whole.

In addition to bringing his best fitness level into the season, and displaying some incredible play, and leadership, I feel it is worth noting also that this is a student who carries a 3.939 GPA. He leads this team on the field, off the field, and in the classroom (RCHS boys soccer once again has ZERO academic ineligibilities this season).