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A.C.E. Camp

Agility – Core – Efficiency

By helping kids to move more often and in the way that their bodies are supposed to move, A.C.E. Camp gives kids confidence to feel like they can participate in sports at school and in activities with their friends and family.

Kids develop core strength, decrease muscle imbalances and improve agility so that they are able to participate, be competitive, and maintain an active lifestyle.

A.C.E. Camp helps kids:

  • Increase strength & flexibility
  • Improve foot speed & balance
  • Improve posture and coordination
  • Decrease injury risk as your body learns to distribute forces to appropriate parts of your body.

Athletic trainers will use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) system to evaluate each
attendee. With the information obtained, they will develop daily routines for each participant
to work on imbalances noted from the testing.

Tentative Schedule Monday–Thursday

  • Dynamic warm up
  • Balance program
  • Core Stability work
  • Agility
  • FMS Testing
  • Cool down

For More Information and to register

Call the Richland Hospital therapy department or print the 2017 A.C.E. Camp Brochure

2017 ACE Brochure

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