General Surgery Patient Stories

General Surgery Patient Stories


When Your Child has Surgery…It’s a Big Deal

Delaney Imhoff, a young patient who had her tonsils and adenoids removed, holding stuffed animal.

Sometimes preparation is the best way to minimize anxiety. When the decision was made for 5 year old Delaney Imhoff to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, her mother, Roanne, began preparing her daughter for what was to come. “About a month before the surgery, we met with Dr. Delventhal who gave us information about the procedure,” Roanne said. “I started going over the information with Delaney.”

For her first appointment, Delaney picked out some rocks to take along. One of Dr. Delventhal’s hobbies is collecting rocks. So the two talked about the rocks and developed a comfort level. What more could a mom ask for? “Delaney really likes Dr. Delventhal,” Roanne said. “He is a walking encyclopedia. Anything that we had a question about, he answered.”

General Surgeon Dr. Stephen Delventhal, patient Delaney Imhoff holding stuffed animal, and Rachel Shannon-Goodrich

When surgery day arrived, Delaney met with Rachel Shannon-Goodrich, her anesthetist. The two hit it off right away as well. As Roanne walked with her daughter to the surgery doors, she said she felt confident about the care Delaney would be getting in surgery.

“The whole staff did a great job and worked well as a team to make the surgery experience as a whole, easy to deal with,” Roanne said. “It felt good that as parents, we were a big part of that; starting with the preparation, weeks prior.”

If your child needs tonsil and adenoid surgery, there is tremendous peace of mind in knowing that you have close-to-home access to a trusted team of experts. Talk to your family practice doctor about having the procedure done at Richland Hospital.


In by 8:00 out by 1:00 Hernia Repair

Bernie Schaper, hernia repair patient.

General Surgeons perform a wide range of technically advanced procedures in hospitals each year. At Richland Hospital our General Surgeon is Dr. Stephen Delventhal. He leads a team of surgical experts at Richland Hospital who set the standard for high quality, low infection rates, and high patient satisfaction ratings.

Bernie Schaper recently had hernia surgery at The Richland Hospital.General Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Delventhal and Nurse Anesthetist, Tim Burns put Bernie at ease. “I had total confidence in both of them,” Bernie said.

Bernie went into the hospital at 8:00 a.m. for the out-patient surgical procedure and was home by 1:00 p.m. “Everything is healing well. I had my staples out a week after surgery,” he said. On a lifting restriction, Bernie says that everything is going well. “I couldn’t lift more than 10 or 20 pounds for 6 weeks, but things are going good,” he said. “Dr. Delventhal has operated on my wife and, now, on me, I would recommend him to anyone.”

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