Cardiology, Vascular & Wound Care

Cardiology, Vascular & Wound Care

Cardiology is a type of medicine dealing with heart disorders. It involves medical diagnosis and treatment to various heart defects, disease, and more. Our visiting cardiologists are specialized with extensive training and skill in finding, treating and preventing disorders, diseases and functions involving the heart.

Wound Healing is the restoration of cell continuity. When a wound is classified as non-healing, our providers measure the variety and complexity of these wounds. Patients seen for wound care vary from simple and common to complex and chronic. Regardless of the condition of your wound, The Richland Hospital will take necessary precautions.

Services at Richland Hospital

  • Pacemaker battery changes
  • Defibrillator battery changes
  • Cardioversions – Med/Surg


Petar Igic, MD, Visiting Meriter Electrophysiologist

Dr. Igic



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