Special Care Unit

Our Special Care Unit is located on a special area on our Med/Surg floor. It is set aside to care for patients who require extraordinary care on a concentrated and continuous basis.

Adding a Level of Intensive Care

The Richland Hospital has utilized a new service that makes it possible for more critically ill patients to stay here, closer to home. We have worked with e-Care of Wisconsin to bring telemedicine to our intensive care unit. With e-Care doctors and nurses skilled in the care of acutely ill patients and trained in the technology, we can help the patient quickly from an off-site center. They can be alerted by our healthcare team, should an issue arise that requires their assistance.

Why use e-Care?

e-Care reflects Richland Hospital’s pledge to the highest quality patient care and service. The e-Care clinical team does not replace the bedside caregivers, but rather provides an extra level of support for safety and finds ways to limit any future health problems. Using audio video links, the e-Care team is able to speak directly with the patient, family, and bedside care team. 

The added level of intensive patient care made possible by e-Care service will be provided at no extra charge and will be included in your standard hospital care.