Dr. Smith Honored

Dr. Robert Smith Honored by Alzheimer’s Association

Dr. Robert Smith

Each year, the Alzheimer’s Association – Wisconsin Chapter Network recognizes outstanding caregivers in Wisconsin. These awards recognize family caregivers, organizations, a program or agency, professionals, physicians, media representatives, legislators, and/or advocates who serve and support individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Richland Center’s Dr. Robert Smith, Medical Director for the Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic, is among those who have been honored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Following Remarks Were Made at the Ceremony

Dr. Robert Smith provides exemplary service to persons with dementing illnesses and those who care for them through his Memory Diagnostic Center and Geriatric Assessment services at the Richland Medical Center. In 1999, Dr. Smith recognized the need for better assessment, diagnosis and treatment of those with dementia and was instrumental in establishing the clinic. Dr. Smith retired from his busy family practice so he can devote his full time to the Memory Diagnostic Center. He has also served as a strong advocate for persons with dementia as a Past President of the Wisconsin Medical Directors Association and remains active in the organization.

He has been actively involved with the South Central Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serving as honorary Medical Chair of the Richland Memory Walk, presenting numerous community presentations and conducting radio and newspaper interviews to increase public awareness and understanding. Dr. Smith actively refers patients and families to Alzheimer’s Association services and is currently working to establish office space for an Outreach Specialist at the Geriatric Assessment Clinic to increase community accessibility to the Association’s services.

Dr. Smith exemplifies a rare combination of intellectual rigor and passion for cutting-edge knowledge, coupled with deep compassion and empathy for his patients and their caregivers. The table next to the easy chair in his home is stacked with professional books and journals and he spends his evenings reading and learning.

Dr. Smith is a true Alzheimer’s champion who has served as a mentor to other physicians, increased public awareness and tirelessly advocated for better treatment and services. The Alzheimer’s Association Wisconsin Chapter Network proudly recognizes Dr. Robert Smith as an Outstanding Physician here in Wisconsin.

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