Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Do you or a family member suffer from memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias? Today, effective treatments are available that can improve quality of life for those who suffer from such ailments.

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At Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic, we provide complete, wide-range assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for elderly individuals suffering from memory loss. In doing this, we help patients enhance and maintain maximum cognitive, physical and psychological function. In addition, our team can provide ongoing monitoring and support while helping family members and patients plan for the future.

The mission of the Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic is provision of comprehensive, multidisciplinary, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for elderly individuals to maintain and enhance maximum cognitive, physical and psychosocial function. Dr. Robert Smith is the Medical Director for this program.

Dr. Smith has been honored by the Alzheimer’s Association. Read more
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  • The clinic is available one-half day each week on Wednesday afternoons.
  • The first visit to the clinic is a two-hour appointment.
  • The return visit, usually about one month later, is a one-hour appointment. Three and six month follow-up appointments are scheduled as appropriate.

Robert Smith, MD who is a geriatrician, Joseph Scribbins and Ryan Elliott, social workers, and Philomena Poole, RN CGNP, a geriatric nurse practitioner, staff the clinic. The clinic does not provide primary medical care but will communicate with the individual’s primary physician.

The Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic follows internationally recognized protocol for making the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, related dementias, or reversible causes for memory impairment.

At The First Appointment

A history will be obtained from the patient/caregiver(s)/family.

The patient will receive a neuropsychological examination, depression screening, functional and sensory exams and a physical examination.

Laboratory and radiological testing will be ordered as appropriate.
Appropriate services such as Occupational, Physical or Speech therapies will be scheduled as indicated.

At the Follow-Up Appointment

The patient, family, and caregiver will be given the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

A written summary is provided to the family and a copy is sent to the primary physician.
Further information regarding dementia, future planning, and community resources are provided.

For More Information or To Schedule an Appointment

For more information on the Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic, contact us at the Richland Medical Center (608) 647-6161 or at the Richland Hospital at (608) 647-6321.

Why The Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic?

  • The clinic staff are expert in diagnosing the causes of memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.
  • There are effective treatments available today for persons suffering from memory impairment, as well as a number of medications soon to be released.
  • The interdisciplinary team provides education on coping with memory loss for patients, families, and caregivers.
  • The team can link the family and patient with the Alzheimer’s Association and other community resources as appropriate.
  • The clinic team provides ongoing monitoring and support, and assists the patient and family in planning for the future.

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