An Obstetrics Question:

Can I Deliver Vaginally After a C-Section Delivery?

Will I have to have a cesarean section for all my future deliveries? You should talk with your family physician if you want to pursue a vaginal delivery after having had a C-section. He or she knows your situation best and can talk with you about your options.

The term used when describing this in the medical community is VBAC, pronounced V-Back. It stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. On the average, about 60 – 80% of woman who have undergone C-sections and want to deliver vaginally are good candidates for VBAC.

If you and your doctor decide to attempt VBAC, you will actually do a trial of labor or a TOLAC. A Trial Of Labor After Cesarean is the attempt to have a vaginal birth after cesarean deliver. During your trial labor a surgical team is put on stand-by just in case you need them.

Compared to a planned cesarean delivery, a successful TOLAC resulting in a VBAC has many benefits compared to delivering via another scheduled C-section.

VBAC Benefits Include

  • You avoid getting another scar on your uterus. The more scars you have on your uterus, the greater chance of problems with future pregnancies.
  • Less pain after delivery
  • Fewer days in the hospital
  • Lower risk of infection
  • You and your birthing partner can take a more active role in the birth of your child

Share your interest in having a VBAC with your doctor. Together you will make the decision that is best for you and your baby. If you do not currently have a primary care physician and are looking for a doctor who delivers babies at Richland Hospital, visit the Doctors Who Deliver page of our website.

Doctors who deliver babies at Richland Hospital include: Dr. Janice Alexander, Dr. David May, Dr. Jennifer Myszkowski, Dr. Christine Richards, Dr. Jillian Scherer and Dr. Andrew Wright.

Dr. Janice Alexander, General Surgeon Dr. Stephen Delventhal, Dr. Jillian Scherer and Dr. Andrew Wright are all specially trained to perform C-sections.

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