Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) Bereavement

RTS Bereavement

In memory of those too small to remember and dedicated to those whom we will never forget, Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) Bereavement offers an opportunity to network and connect with individuals sharing similar struggles. Parents and families of babies whom have passed during pregnancy or shortly thereafter are invited to attend the RTS Bereavement Services.

The time has come to let you go,
for your spirit to sing a new song.
As another day dawns,
with love, I move on…but I will not forget.

RTS Service of Remembrance

Each year, the Richland Hospital hosts a RTS Burial Service. The service is held each year in the Richland Center Cemetary at “Baby Heaven.”

This service provides an opportunity to remember these cherished babies. Do feel free to cry, for your pain is real and your loss immeasurable. Feel free to share your feelings, because within this gathering there is a common bond and great understanding.

DeAnna Caspers
(608) 647-6321

The Richland Hospital, Inc.
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