Obstetrics Patient Stories

Obstetrics Patient Stories

We Love Dr. May

Dena Riley recently had her third child at the Richland Hospital. Her physician, Dr. David May lives a few blocks from the hospital and made it to the hospital with time to spare for the baby’s early morning arrival.

“I love that my doctor delivers my babies,” Riley said. “In large hospitals that does not always happen.”
Dr. May has been with Dena Riley for every one of her deliveries. Recently, the newest member of the Kevin and Dena Riley family, Theodore, joined his brother, Aleric and sister, Eleanor. Dr. May became Dena’s doctor when she was pregnant with her first child. “We fell in love with him from the start,” she said. “And the staff in the hospital birth center is so nice.”

Living in Richland Center, the Rileys are more than an hour away from their closest family members. The two have considered taking jobs elsewhere, but have always been reluctant to leave this area because of their great experiences with Dr. May and the Richland Hospital.

“All our relatives live near larger cities with much bigger hospitals,” Dena said. “I hear a lot of bad stories or complaints. I have no idea why those things happen, but know they have never happened to me here.”
With family so far away, the Birth Center team and Dr. May have become like family members for the Rileys. “I feel really comfortable and close to them,” Dena said. “It is more than just seeing them at the hospital. In our small town, we see Dr. May and others every day as part of our normal life. Dr. May’s son and Aleric go to the same school.”

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff who decide to work and live in a small town like Richland Center are exceptional. More than reimbursement, their passion for helping people is critical to their career satisfaction. They get warm fuzzies from helping people they see in the grocery store, at school, at church, and at community events. They are a special kind of caregiver and we are so lucky to have them.

Erin Nortey, In Absolutely the Best Hands

Erin Nortey is a nurse in the Richland Hospital Birth Center. She recently had her first child there. “I was asked if I would feel awkward delivering where I work,” she said. “It gave me a lot of comfort knowing that we give top-notch care and if anything were to go wrong, I would be in absolutely the best hands.”

In addition to her talented co-workers, Nortey was confident in her primary doctor, Jillian Scherer, MD. Early in her pregnancy, Nortey had to take some time off work. Worried about leaving her team short-handed, she began to stress. Dr. Scherer made it clear that Nortey and her baby’s health were the most important considerations. “Dr. Scherer is very down-to-earth,” she said. “She keeps everything in perspective.”

As her due date approached, Nortey and her husband Frank had a plan for how they hoped labor and delivery would go. Dr. Scherer and the Birth Center team were on board with the plan. “We started out needing very little help,” Nortey said. “As things progressed, I was glad that staff had doula training to support us and show us special massage techniques or positions to try.”

Baby Elsa made her way into the world a few days before her due date. She was born without complications and is doing well. Erin Nortey experienced some complications after the birth causing mom and baby to stay at the hospital a few days longer than usual.

“The care I received from everyone at the Richland Hospital was exceptional,” Nortey said. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it takes an entire hospital to help a mom and baby. I really appreciate everyone’s knowledge and expertise.”

Rebecca White Finds a Great Doctor For the Whole Family

Rebecca White with her husband and three children.
Rebecca White moved back to Richland Center in December 2012. She was due to have her first baby in March of 2013. Looking for a doctor she would mesh with, she took the advice of her mother-in-law and chose Dr. Christine Richards to be her primary care doctor.

Life since then has been fun and busy for Rebecca. Dr. Richards has delivered all three of Rebecca’s babies and will soon deliver her fourth. “She has been amazing with all our deliveries,” Rebecca said. “I could not ask for more.”

Dr. Richards is the whole family’s primary care doctor. “She is usually ready and waiting when we come to a doctor’s appointment,” Rebecca said. “It is nice not having to wait too long.”

Down to earth and easy to talk to, Dr. Richards usually knows what Rebecca is going to ask before she asks it. And, she is always glad to be asked a question if Rebecca has one. The children love Dr. Richards.

Rebecca’s experiences with the Birth Center at the Richland Hospital have always been good. “They have a great group of people in a really nice wing,” she said. “I love the whirlpool bathtubs. When Dr. Richards can’t find me during labor, I am always in the tub.” Rebecca would recommend Dr. Richards and the Richland Hospital to anyone looking for a great birth experience.

A Special Gift for the Normans

Luke and Jennifer Norman recently welcomed their first child, Colt Taylor Norman, to their family. Luke and Jennifer had been married for 3 years when they started trying to have a baby. “It didn’t seem like things were working,” Jennifer said. So, I decided to get checked to see if there was anything I needed to do.”

New to the area, Jennifer wasn’t sure who to see. After talking to her sister-in-law, she decided to give Richland Medical Center, OB/GYN, Dr. Janice Alexander a try. After meeting Dr. Alexander, Jennifer knew she was where she needed to be. “Dr. Alexander was absolutely wonderful,” she said.

After consulting with Dr. Alexander, Jennifer went on medication with the hopes that the couple could conceive a child. After ten months without success, Jennifer wondered if the medication was really having any affect. As the couple began building their house, Jennifer decided to forgo the medication. Shortly after that, Jennifer looked at the calendar and quickly realized that she had missed her period. On December 22, 2015, the couple found out they were going to have a baby. “It was the best Christmas present we could have asked for,” Jennifer said.

Colt was born at the Richland Hospital on August 18, 2016. He is a happy, healthy baby boy. There were no complications and today he is busy growing. “He’s eating and sleeping like a champ,” Jennifer said. She was very happy with her stay at the Richland Hospital.

“The staff in the Birth Center were awesome. Everyone was helpful and kind. You can tell that they really love what they do,” Jennifer said. “And, we can’t say enough good things about Dr. Alexander. We don’t know where we would be today without her. We are grateful.”

Dr. Scherer and Nurses Made Richland Hospital Birth Experience her Best

The Martin Family
Heidi Martin and her family moved back to town about 5 years ago, but she had yet to find a primary care physician. When Heidi found out she was pregnant, she knew she had to pick a doctor to deliver her baby. “When you move somewhere, it’s hard. You have to find a new doctor and you hope that you find one that fits and that you can stay with,” Heidi said.

Dr. Jillian Scherer was new to the area and was taking new patients. She now sees everyone in Heidi’s family, including her husband. “She is just perfect,” Heidi said. “We enjoy seeing her. She is very easy to talk to and never makes anything awkward or acts like there is a question that we shouldn’t ask.”

When Heidi had an issue come up that needed special attention, Dr. Scherer found a specialist that worked well for Heidi. “If it isn’t Dr. Scherer’s specialty, she is great about referring you to the best doctor she knows for the issue,” Heidi said.

Recently, Heidi gave birth to her third child at the Richland Hospital with the help of Dr. Scherer. She had given birth to her first two children at large hospitals and Heidi admits to being nervous about giving birth to her 3rd child at a smaller hospital.

“Our first baby had some issues after her birth and I worried that if something went wrong this time, would the Richland Hospital be big enough to give me the care I needed?” she said. Heidi talked with Dr. Scherer about her concerns and Dr. Scherer eased Heidi’s fears. “Dr. Scherer is exactly what I was looking for. A doctor that is calm, communicates medical information in a way that I understand, and if an issue were to come up, she could take hold of the situation quickly and be my best advocate. I trusted her completely,” Heidi said.

“Everything went very well,” Heidi said. “This was the best experience of all three births. The nurses were the best I have ever had. At the other larger hospitals, the nurses were always in a hurry. The nurses at the Richland Hospital really cared about me and my baby. They gave great care.”

“One night, I was exhausted and my baby wasn’t ready to sleep,” Heidi said. “The nurse said, ‘you go ahead and get some rest. I will rock him for a while.’ I thought that was wonderful.”

When Heidi and her baby went home, Dr. Scherer also helped Heidi when she had issues breastfeeding. “Dr. Scherer is a lactation consultant as well, so she was really able to help.” Heidi said. “I am so grateful to have found her.”

Heidi and her family recommend the Richland Hospital Birth Center and Dr. Jillian Scherer.

Boscobel Couple Treasures Dr. Wright and Muscoda Health Center

The Harmon Family
Suzette Harmon supported her friend as she delivered her baby a couple years ago. While supporting her friend, Suzette met and watched Dr. Andrew Wright’s interactions with his patient. “I knew right then, that when I had a baby, that Dr. Wright was who I wanted to be my doctor,” she said. “He was so nice and personable.”

Dr. Wright is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician who went to Medical School at Baylor College of Medicine. He completed his residency at Marshall University in Huntington, VA and also completed a Rural Family Medicine Fellowship with an emphasis in Obstetrics in Tacoma, WA. He is also 1 of 3 doctors who can perform Cesarean Sections at the Richland Hospital.

“He is very easy going and smart,” Suzette said. “He definitely makes me feel like I can ask him anything and that he will know the answers.”

Suzette is from Boscobel and usually makes the short trip to Muscoda to see Dr. Wright at the Muscoda Health Center. When he is not available there, she sometimes sees Karen Sinnett, APNP. “Karen is very good too,” she said. “Everyone at Muscoda Health Center is very nice and it is more convenient.”

The Harmons have had both of their children at the Richland Hospital. “The Birth Center is very nice. I really liked all the nurses and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else,” she said.

We Are In Good Hands With Dr. Jenny and the Richland Hospital

The Keller Family
Amanda Keller is happy to tell all her friends that they should choose Dr. Jennifer Myszkowski (Dr. Jenny) to be their doctor and that they should have their babies at The Richland Hospital.

Dr. Jenny has delivered 4 of the 5 Keller children and will deliver the 6th child in July or August of this year. “We love her,” Amanda said. “She is so calm and knows exactly how we want things done.”

After five birth experiences at the Richland Hospital, Amanda has great things to say about her visits. “Staying at the Richland Hospital Birth Center is more like staying in a hotel. The nurses are wonderful,” Amanda said. “They always ask what we need or how they can help. They work hard to make sure that things are done the way we want them to be.”

While in the hospital, new moms have different desires at different times and the hospital staff is accommodating and flexible. “If you want alone time, they will give you space. And, when I need them, they are right there,” Amanda said.

Amanda knows that there are always risks of complications, but finds peace of mind under Dr. Jenny’s care and the OB team at the Richland Hospital. “We always know that we are in good hands,” she said. “We have never had a single bad experience.”

“Providing thoughtful, individualized care to Amanda and to all of my patients is my number one priority. Working with the Richland Hospital allows me to focus on quality care knowing that hospital staff will strive to keep my patients comfortable.”

— Dr. Jenny Myszkowski

Jessica had the VBAC Experience She Wanted

Jessica Hein holding her daughter and pictured with her mother and sister
Jessica Hein has had babies in Nevada and California before moving to Wisconsin. New to the area, she was looking for a doctor to deliver her fourth child. She knew some things that she wanted and didn’t want, based on her previous experiences. She was looking for a knowledgeable doctor that she could put her faith in.

“I knew that I wanted to have a natural childbirth even though my last child was born by cesarean section,” she said. “I really wanted to avoid that if possible and I didn’t want an epidural.”

While some women are unable to have a vaginal delivery after a cesarean section, also known as VBAC, Jessica really wanted to try. Dr. May listened to Jessica’s concerns and desires. He outlined options and went over possibilities. “Dr. May is the best doctor I have ever had,” she said. “He listened to me and explained everything really well.”

When birth day arrived, Dr. May and the Birth Center team were prepared and ready to make Jessica’s delivery wishes come true. “Everything went very fast and easy,” she said.

Feeling good the next morning, Jessica had a tubal ligation performed by Richland Hospital OB/GYN, Dr. Janice Alexander.

“It was a very good experience for me,” Jessica said. “All the nurses were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Alexander and Dr. May were very good. Recovery has been going very well.”

Working With Dr. Alexander Made the Difference in Resolving Fertility Issues

The Tennant Family
“After trying for almost a year to conceive a child and feeling disappointed and frustrated month after month, I regained hope after meeting with Dr. Alexander for the first time. I trusted her right away. Her determination was reassuring and I knew she would not stop trying until I was pregnant.

“After going through multiple tests, blood draws, and eventually some medication to help out the process, it was only a short time after working with her that I was happy to announce that I was pregnant! Her positivity, sense of joy, excitement, kindness, and compassion was much appreciated. That same sense of joy continued with me as I progressed throughout the entire nine months of my pregnancy. She shared in my excitement and overwhelming happiness as I prepared for the little boy coming into my life.

“Dr. Alexander, along with her nurses, were always available and made sure that they were able to answer any questions or concerns along the way. In addition, they strived to make my first pregnancy, the most meaningful and enjoyable experience of my life. I am truly thankful for being referred to Dr. Alexander and feel blessed to be one of her patients.”

– Lindsey Tennant

Birth Center Staff Made Schwinefus’ Feel at Home

The Schwinefus Family
When choosing a doctor, there’s a lot to think about. One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting great healthcare is by choosing a doctor that you can build a relationship with. If you are comfortable with your doctor, you are able to ask questions and talk about anything. A great patient-doctor relationship makes every appointment, illness, or birth go better.

When Samantha Schwinefus learned that she was pregnant with her first child, she did not have a primary care doctor. “I got really lucky when I got Dr. Richards,” Samantha said. “She is amazing.”

Dr. Christine Richards is one of the doctors who deliver babies at Richland Hospital’s Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Birth Center. She is very experienced and loves what she does. “I really like that she is straight forward and doesn’t beat around the bush,” Samantha said. “She gets right to the point and tells me how it is.”

Tucker is the second of Samantha’s children to be delivered by Dr. Richards at the Richland Hospital. “I wouldn’t have anyone else,” Samantha said. “I trust her totally.”

The Birth Center team at the Richland Hospital has specialized training. “This is a great hospital. All the nurses are just great,” Samantha said. “Janelle was our night nurse and she was so gentle and careful with Tucker and I,” she said. “I appreciated how patient and sweet she was with me.”

Samantha’s husband, Dan said, “Dr. Richards and the entire nursing staff at the Richland Hospital have been excellent with taking care of us and really making us feel at home. My wife and I agree, our time spent in the Birth Center felt like a vacation. The grandparents had our 16 month old son Alex, and the staff waited on us very kindly, making sure our needs were met. We have nothing but good things to say about the Richland Hospital.”

“One of the great things about attending deliveries at the Richland Hospital, is that it is a special event for the family as well as for me and for our staff. We really look forward to being a part of this exciting time in patients’ lives. We have 12 hour nursing shifts to maintain consistent nursing care and we have the patient’s own doctor attend the delivery instead of using an on-call system. This means we are not some big hospital that does deliveries like factory work; we work to keep it special.”

— Dr. Christine Richards


Doctor–Patient Relationship is Key to Michelle Cosgrove

Richland Hospital OB patient Michelle Cosgrove, pictured with her husband and three children.

Dr. Christine Richards was relatively new to Richland Hospital when Michelle decided to give her a try ten years ago. “I really liked how she related to me,” Michelle said. “Over the years, we have developed a relationship and I know that I can talk with her about anything.”

Since that first appointment, Dr. Richards has become a fixture in the Richland Center landscape and Michelle has married her husband, Chad Cosgrove. The two have had all three of their children at the Richland Hospital under the care of Dr. Richards. Michelle and Dr. Richards’ relationship has been really important over the years. “She understands things, listens and takes it all in,” Michelle said. “She is open to new ideas and concepts.”

During Michelle’s last pregnancy, she had a spell of unusual symptoms. She was scared and asked her friends and family to pray for her. After visiting with Dr. Richards about her concerns, the two decided that tests would help determine what was going on. When Michelle came to the clinic for the tests, her symptoms were gone. “I believe that I was healed by prayer,” Michelle said. “When I told Dr. Richards, she said ‘I believe you.’ Her openness to that was important to me.”

Dr. Richards is the children’s primary doctor too. “They really like her. She is bubbly with them and she lets them listen in her stethoscope,” Michelle said. The continuity of care provided by Dr. Richards and the Richland Hospital is something Michelle values. “I like the Birth Center staff. I didn’t nurse my first two children, but wanted to try to with our third,” she said. “Each nurse gave me tips. They were supportive and if I needed help, they were right there.”

Michelle recommends Dr. Richards and the Richland Hospital to anyone looking for a great obstetrics experience.


Dr. Wright and Birth Center Nurses Made Delivery Spectacular

OB patient Hope Donough pictured with her husband and five children.

Hope Donough’s first experience with Dr. Andrew Wright took place 5 years ago when she was expecting her third child. Her primary care physician was out of town and Dr. Wright took the appointment.

“We were impressed right away with Dr. Wright,” Hope said. “He was really present in the room. We were the most important thing on his mind and he was focused on us.” Eventually, all the members of the Donough family began seeing Dr. Wright for all their healthcare needs. “Our kids really like Dr. Wright and have a relationship with him. They don’t mind going to the doctor if they know that we are going to see Dr. Wright,” she said.

Before the birth of their most recent child, Hope and her husband worked with Dr. Wright to create a birth plan. “Things can move quicker than expected and be a little unpredictable during your baby’s delivery. Creating a birth plan gives you the opportunity to weigh options and think about how you want things to be handled when they come up,” Hope said. The birth plan was carried out and the Donough’s newest childbirth experience was a very good one.

“The nurses in the Birth Center were spectacular,” Hope said. “Going in, everyone knew our choices and preferences and they followed through with everything. It was a big blessing.”


Glad She Chose Dr. David May and The Richland Hospital

Richland Hospital OB patient Sarah Roth, pictured with her husband and daughter.

Sarah Roth is originally from the Milwaukee, WI area. She spent 10 years living and working in Madison. Today, Sarah and her husband live in Boscobel, WI. When the couple found out that they were expecting a baby, they turned to the Richland Hospital.

“When I got pregnant, I wanted to have a bigger hospital like the ones I was accustomed to in the areas I had previously lived in. After hearing great things about the doctors at Richland Hospital however, I immediately called to set up an appointment,” Sarah said.

Sarah was introduced to Dr. David May. “Upon meeting him, I decided he would make an excellent OB doctor. He took the time to find out what I did for work and still asks how my family’s business is every time we are there for a check-up or appointment,” she said. “I can ask him any question. If he doesn’t know the answer right away, he finds the answer and gets right back to me.”

Sarah and her husband had their first baby at the Richland Hospital in 2012 and are due to have their second baby in December. She said, “When my husband and I went to deliver our first baby, I was amazed at how wonderful the nursing staff was. We spent a very long time there during labor and delivery, and they were so kind and accommodating to both of us! I knew if we were going to have more children, Richland Hospital and Dr. May would be our first choice again!”


Abbey Schramer Feels a Connection with Dr. Jillian Scherer


OB patient Abbey Schramer pictured with her husband and two daughters.

When you find something that works well, it’s hard to think about changing. Abbey Schramer knew she wanted to have her second baby at the Richland Hospital, just like the first. “The nurses were great. Dr. Balink (her previous doctor) was awesome too,” she said. When Dr. Kay Balink stopped delivering babies, staff introduced Abbey to Dr. Jillian Scherer. Dr. Scherer cares for patients of all ages in Spring Green and delivers babies at the Richland Hospital.

“Dr. Scherer is down to earth and easy to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable. It’s like you’re talking to a friend instead of your doctor,” Abbey said. “I feel like I have a lot in common with Dr. Scherer. She is at about the same point in life that I am.”

When Abbey had trouble nursing and was about to break down, Dr. Scherer was there to help. Pursuing her certification as a lactation consultant, Dr. Scherer is passionate about helping new moms experiencing problems nursing. “She was great. She supported me and we just got through it,” Abbey said.

Today, Dr. Scherer sees every member of Abbey’s family. “We really liked Dr. Balink, but I just wanted to have the same doctor for everyone, so we switched everyone to Dr. Scherer,” Abbey said.


Dr. Jenny Was There for All Eight!

Richland Hospital OB patient Kristine Steele with her husband Christian and their eight children.

Ten beautiful, smiling faces make up the Christian and Kristine Steele family. Dr. Jennifer Myszkowski (Dr. Jenny) was there for the birth of all 8 children.

Early on, Kristine chose Dr. Jenny because she really wanted a female physician. Over the years, looking back, she is glad she chose Dr. Jenny. Delivering a baby takes dozens of decisions – some small, some larger. Raising children and watching them grow requires even more decisions. It is important to have a doctor that you trust. “Dr. Jenny is awesome. She is kind and helpful,” Kristine said. “I always appreciate her willingness to listen to different ideas or concerns we’ve had. She has always allowed me to do things I thought were important.”

At the Richland Hospital Birth Center, Kristine says that the nurses also have been wonderful. “They were always accommodating, whether I needed a warm blanket, toast and honey, more ibuprofen or even a more comfortable, inflatable bed – they did it!” she said. “I always felt like I was being well cared for by them.”

Kristine said the hospital food is great too. “They have great salads and cream puffs that melt in your mouth.”


Better Than A Big Town Hospital

The Hady Family. Parents Adam and Christine with children Emma, Elsa, Ethan and baby Evan.

New to the area 8 years ago, Christine and Adam Hady began looking for the family doctor who would deliver their children with Christine’s first pregnancy. “We asked around and a couple people recommended Dr. Jenny,” Adam said.

Since then, Dr. Jenny Myszkowski has been the Hady family’s doctor for all four children delivered at Richland Hospital. Christine is very happy with the choice they made. “Our experience with Dr. Jenny has been very good. She is easy to talk to and because she has delivered all four of our kids, she knows us. There is a lot of comfort in that,” Christine said.

Adam said that over the years, he and Christine have seen Dr. Jenny in the community and helping at events. “She is very personable and always asks how the
family is doing,” he said.

When asked about her experiences delivering at the Richland Hospital, Christine said that her experiences were very good. “Everyone is very personable. It has a better feel than hospitals in large cities. We had everything we needed right here, close to home,” she said.


The Race to Delivery

The Morris family; Travis holding son Laif and Catie holding daughter Colyns.

When Catie Morris and her sister, Miranda Parker found out that they were both pregnant, they talked about who would deliver first. Miranda’s due date was first, but Catie thought it would be funny if she delivered first. Miranda failed to see the humor on the subject, but as her due date came and went, it became clear that Catie would probably deliver first.

Scheduled for a C-section delivery, Catie’s date was pretty set in stone. That is until she and her husband, Travis, arrived at the hospital. Catie and Travis Morris checked in and were met by their physician, Dr. Andy Wright. He explained that he was in the process of helping another mom deliver her baby naturally. Though he wanted to be there for their delivery, he wondered if rather than postponing the C-section, it would be okay if Dr. Alexander delivered their baby. The couple met with Dr. Alexander and decided to go forward with the C-Section that day.

“It was a little worrisome not having Dr. Wright, but I totally understood how important it was to have your doctor with you during a natural delivery. Fortunately, everything just flowed easy with Dr. Alexander,” Catie said. “Dr. Alexander was great, Rachel the nurse anesthetist was great, and every nurse was great.”

“This was a very good experience,” Catie said. “I had no pain at all afterwards.”

Catie’s doctor is still Dr. Wright, but thanks to Dr. Alexander, she and Travis didn’t have to wait to welcome their new daughter, Colyns into the world. And, since Dr. Wright was in the Birth Center anyway, he stopped in to see how everyone was doing. “I have just been so impressed with Dr. Wright,” Catie said. “He is very smart, compassionate, and he listens to me.”

“I felt like each appointment that I had with him, he was with me. Not thinking about the patient he had just seen or thinking about what was next on his plate. He was totally there for me,” she said. Catie, Travis and their two children, Laif and Colyns are settling in at home. “Laif loves his sister. He’s my big helper,” she said. “Our experience at the Richland Hospital was wonderful.”


New Doctor, Same Great Outcome

The Parker Family; Parents Miranda and Brian with daughters Lilly, Grace and infant son Blake.

Brian and Miranda Parker have had all of their children at the Richland Hospital. Blake Samuel is number four for Brian and Miranda, but he’s the first with their new doctor, Christine Richards, MD.

Dr. Kay Balink delivered their first three children. When Dr. Balink made the decision to stop delivering babies, the Parker’s had to find a new doctor. They looked to friends and family for suggestions on who to choose. “We heard rave reviews about Dr. Richards,” Miranda said. “So we decided we would give her a try.”

Miranda described her experience with Dr. Richards as great and surreal. “She is so calm, gentle, and easy to talk to,” Miranda said. “We could ask her absolutely anything and she would calmly answer our questions.” When asked about her stay at the Richland Hospital’s Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Birth Center, Miranda said that it has always been so wonderful. “The small town atmosphere makes you feel so welcome,” she said. “It seems like we know all the nurses and they are so passionate about what they do.”

An interesting side-note to Blake’s arrival is that his cousin, Colyns (Catie Morris Patient Testimonial) was born at the Richland Hospital less than a week before him. Miranda’s sister, Catie was due after Miranda, however Blake apparently decided he wanted to be the younger cousin.


We Love Dr. May

Stanek children. Older brother Bentley holding infant sister Alexus.

What do you look for when you are searching for a physician to take care of you when you are pregnant? Chelsi and Ryan Stanek, from Boscobel, WI, were looking for a young, enthusiastic doctor; someone who could care for them and their young family for years to come. Their search led them to the Richland Hospital website where they found a photo and bio about Dr. David May. “He is young and in his bio he talks about how excited he is to care for patients of all ages. We decided to give him a shot,” Chelsi said.

The Staneks have had both of their children at The Richland Hospital, Inc. with Dr. May. “We wouldn’t go anywhere else. He listens to our concerns and answers our questions. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he finds the answer and gets back to us,” she said. “We love Dr. May.”

Bentley Stanek was 14 months and Alexus was three weeks old when we talked to Chelsi. While trying to get Alexus to burp, she talked about her experience with the Birth Center staff at the Richland Hospital. “The nurses are beyond helpful. They waited on me hand and foot. Anytime I called them, they were right there,” Chelsi said.

“One of our nurses for Alexus was also there when we had Bentley,” Chelsi said. “It was great to see a familiar face. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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