Welcome to the Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Birth Center

At The Richland Hospital Inc., we understand that you want to deliver at a hospital that demonstrates an on-going commitment to standards of medical excellence and has a proven track record of friendly, helpful and welcoming staff. At The Richland Hospital, we demonstrate our commitment to medical excellence, patient care, comfort and satisfaction each and every day.

The Medical Expertise You Require

The Richland Hospital Inc. has been named a TOP 100 Critical Access Hospital based on a rigorous review of the hospital. We are proud of the exceptional hospital-wide commitment that resulted in this recognition. At The Richland Hospital Birth Center, we also pride ourselves on the professional standards we maintain. We are 1 of only 10 hospitals in Wisconsin (and 1 of only 172 hospitals in the nation) to have met the requirements for and been designated as a Baby-Friendly Hospital. Richland Hospital typically delivers over 175 babies each year. Every day, each new life amazes us.

In addition to the recognition The Richland Hospital, Inc. and the Birth Center has received, we are committed to providing the advanced equipment and techniques, comfortable surroundings, and modern facilities essential to the best possible birth experience. For example, our state of the art Operating Room was recently built in the birth center unit, so transport time to the Operating Room, if needed, is minimal.

Our Birth Center Staff – Second to None

Our nurses have a love for children and a love of life that shows. You will see it in the small personal gestures – the look in their eyes when they hold your newborn, the kindness they show to all new parents and their families, and their attention to detail.

New parents tell us that what matters most are the people who care for them and their new baby. Simply put, our birth center staff are the best. Your birth experience starts long before you enter Richland Hospital Birth Center and continues throughout your child’s lifetime and during your stay with us, we consider it our privilege to assist you and your family in welcoming your baby into the world.
At The Richland Hospital Birth Center, we treat you like family.

The Environment and Safety You Want

Our recently renovated birthing suites feature comfortable and welcoming furnishings and a soothing design and color scheme.

We offer the Hugs Infant Protection System® which eases new parents concerns about the safety of their baby while at the hospital. The Hugs Infant Protection System works in a number of ways. Each infant wears an unobtrusive, soft, tamper-proof Hugs tag attached around his or her ankle. A computer console in the Birth Center nurses station displays floor plans of the facility showing tag locations with monitored areas and doors indicated. Alarms are generated if the strap is cut or tampered with, if the infant is moved to an unauthorized zone, or if the tag’s signal is no longer detected. System features also include activation of other devices like the hospital’s security cameras, door locks, overhead paging systems, pagers, sirens and elevators. In addition to these features, The Richland Hospital Inc. has the Kisses component of the Hugs system in place. Each mom is given a small tag that is bonded with her infant’s Hug tag. Nurses are alerted of a mismatch with an audible indicator.