Welcome Patients & Visitors!

Thank you for choosing The Richland Hospital, Inc. We want to ensure every stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our healthcare team is dedicated to exceeding the needs of patients and families. We look forward to serving you. As our patient, you will receive the very best care from our highly trained and caring staff. You will benefit from some of the most advanced scientific techniques and modern, up-to-date equipment available.

The information in this section is designed to help patients and family members understand your time here and assist you with concerns and questions you may have about the hospital. We want to provide helpful resources for an enjoyable experience for patients and visitors while you are in our care here at The Richland Hospital.


If you or a family member have received care at The Richland Hospital, we would love your honest feedback. Your feedback helps us understand what you enjoyed and improvements that we can make to better meet your needs. Please fill out a Patient Concern/Comment Form.

Want to share your experience?

The Richland Hospital believes our community flourishes by sharing your story and experiences. We would feel honored if you want to share your story like so many others. Please contact The Richland Hospital at (608) 647-6321 and ask to speak with an individual in the Marketing Department.

Interpreter Services are available for patients who do not speak English or who use sign language to communicate. For assistance with this service, as your nurse to contact the Hospital’s Clinical Coordinator.