Donor Recognition Wall

Foundation Donor Recognition on Display in Hospital Lobby

The donor wall on display in the Richland Hospital lobby.

The Richland Hospital Foundation has installed a donor recognition wall that can be seen in the lobby of the Richland Hospital. The display will honor two Foundation giving groups.

The Architect Society

The Architect Society are those donors who have made, or are currently engaged in a five year pledge commitment of $1000 per year for a total $5000 gift. According to the Donor Recognition Committee, these names will remain permanently displayed on the wall.

The CornerStone Builders

The CornerStone Builders recognizes those that have made a gift in any given year of $100 or more. The names displayed will be those from the previous year ending December 31.

The CornerStone Builders are displayed in four giving levels.

  • Door: $100 – $249
  • Window: $250 – $499
  • Arch: $500 – $999
  • Pillar: $1000 – $4999
  • Master Builder: $5000 or more

Gifts are based on accumulative values. For example anyone making four gifts of $25.00 in any given year will be honored as “Door” level donors for that year. The CornerStone names are updated annually.

Although the Architect Society was established in 2006, the CornerStone Builders was brought to life ten years earlier by then Foundation Executive Director, Tom Bolger. During the past 17 years it has grown from under 100 donors to nearly 400. Both giving groups allow the Foundation to make significant contributions to the Richland Hospital annually for much needed equipment and services.

The Richland Hospital Foundation wishes to thank all those who have created a legacy of giving over the past 25 years and welcomes anyone who would like to join the Architect Society or the CornerStone Builders.

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