Poisoning Prevention Safety Tips

Richland Hospital Health & Safety Tips – Poisoning Prevention

Two image poison prevention collage. One photo of baby with poisonous bottle of cleanser and another photo of a young child, about four years old, looking at open prescription medications spread out on a table.

“New research reveals medications are now the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths among children” according to a Safe Kids Worldwide™ March 20, 2012 Press Release. The press release states “While the death rate among children from poisoning has been cut in half since the late 1970s, the percentage of all child poisoning deaths due to medications has nearly doubled, from 36 percent to 64 percent.”

The good news is that there are many steps that can be taken to help protect children from accidental poisoning.

Tips For a Safer Home – DO

  • DO keep all medicines and supplements out of reach of children by keeping all medicines in a locked box or on a high shelf.
  • DO use child-proof caps on all medicines in your home.
  • DO throw away all old or unused medicines. Many pharmacies have collection dates when old or unused medications can be turned in for disposal.
  • DO store all household cleaners, detergents, bleach and drain cleaners on a high shelf, preferably in a locked cabinet or cupboard. Some cosmetics are dangerous as well so store those out of reach of children as well.
  • DO store bug killers, fertilizers, and fuels in a locked cabinet in the garage or on a high shelf.
  • DO program the Wisconsin Poison Center phone number into your phone in case of emergency: 1-800-222-1222.

Tips For a Safer Home – DO NOT

  • DO NOT store medicines in a purse or diaper bag and talk with grandparents and care providers about the importance of keeping medications out of purses that children may gain access to.
  • DO NOT take medicines in front of children. Children want to do the same things adults do.
  • DO NOT call medicine “candy”.
  • DO NOT remove medicines from their original containers.
  • DO NOT remove cleaners, detergents, bug killers, fertilizers, etc. from their original container.

Additional Resources

*We would like to thank Safe Kids Worldwide&#153 for their permission to offer these pdfs on our website.

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