General Pediatric Injury Prevention

Richland Hospital Health & Safety Tips – General Pediatric Injury Prevention

Many pediatric injuries can be prevented. The key? Educate yourself and the care providers for your children. Then take action to make your home and vehicle safe for the children in your life.

Two image child safety collage. Young girl about four years old, pulling pan off of stove. Father next to his 18 month old son who is sitting in a car seat.

Two Injury Classifications

Unintentional: Injuries resulting from events such as falls, motor vehicle crashes and drowning, and
Intentional: Injuries resulting from violent events, such as suicide, homicides, and assaults such as sexual assault, domestic violence, child and elder abuse.

Five Leading Causes of Injury In Wisconsin

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Falls
  • Suicide by Firearms
  • Unintentional Poisoning
  • Homicide by Firearms

Test Your Knowledge of Potential Risks

Is Your Home Safe?

Do you turn the handles of cooking utensils on the stove inward? Are electrical appliances away from the sink and children? Do you have a working smoke alarm? Does your family have a Fire Safety Plan and do you practice fire drills? Do you have a working carbon monoxide detector? Is the play room safe for your children? Are toys age appropriate? Are all household chemicals and medications kept locked and out of reach of your children? If you have firearms in your home, are they locked and stored in a safe place? Do you protect your children from second hand smoke? If there are smokers in the household, do you keep all smoking supplies in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf and avoid smoking in the presence of children? Are you aware of the serious risks that result from ingesting button batteries or magnets? Do you keep all remote control devices, car key-fobs and other devices with button batteries out of the reach of children? Are you up-to-date on your understanding of crib, car seat and high chair safety?

What About Vehicle Safety

Do you wear your seat belt at all times? Are you using child restraints for the children who ride with you? Are they installed properly? Do you avoid consuming alcohol when you will be driving? Are you aware that some medications will affect your ability to drive safely? Do you avoid smoking when children are present in the vehicle?

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Home & Auto Safety Resources

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