Firearm Safety Tips

Richland Hospital Health & Safety Tips – Firearm Safety

Young girl finding a gun in a linen closet.

Firearm Risk Facts

  • Children have a uniquely high risk of being shot.
  • The most common scenario for unintentional shooting is for one child to shoot another at home with a gun kept by the parents, for the family safety.
  • The fact is, a gun in the home is much more likely to kill a family member than an intruder.
  • Children cannot be trusted to handle a gun safely, even though they quickly acquire the mechanical skill and strength to fire one.
  • Firearm Safety Tips

  • Guns and children should be nowhere near each other.
  • If you as a parent choose to own guns, they should be locked away, unloaded, and stored separate from ammunition.
  • If you choose to allow older children to learn to shoot, it should be under the strictest training and supervision.
  • Trigger locks are available and inexpensive.
  • Remove all firearms / ammunition from your home if you have a suicidal adolescent.

Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program® Gun Safety Information for Parents Web Page

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