Diabetes Management Patient Stories

Diabetes Management Patient Stories

  • Linda Rohn – Support and Sensible Changes are key to Linda Rohn’s Health


Support and Sensible Changes are key to Linda Rohn’s Health

rohn-patientLinda Rohn’s monthly A1C numbers were beginning to creep up. So, her doctor recommended that she talk with Richland Hospital Certified Diabetes Educator, Ty Mulholland.
The two met to talk about what Linda could do to improve her blood sugar numbers. Believing that eating carbs affected her blood sugar levels the most, they decided to keep a closer eye on that. Right now, Linda tries not to eat any more than 45 grams of carbs at any of her three meals each day, and no more than 15 grams of carbs in her snack of which she can have 4 per day.

“The numbers are not written in stone. They are rule of thumb recommendations, but sometimes life just happens,” Linda said. “I like that I am in control of it. Ty is helping me to develop healthy habits, but it is going to take time. I try to make sensible choices and I know that cooking my own meals makes controlling carbs easier.”

Ty and Linda meet monthly to assess how her goals are going and if adjustments need to be made. If the current goals are going well, a new goal might be added. “Ty is such a good listener and she is super smart,” Linda said. “She gently nudges me to make healthier choices, all the time understanding that it isn’t realistic to think that I will never have a cookie again.”

Linda recently added walking to her routine which has helped her to keep her blood sugar numbers down. She also goes to Diabetes Support Group meetings regularly, though she admits that she did not go to the meetings when she was first diagnosed. “I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem,” Linda said. “Everyone is there for a common reason. It is very relaxed and fun. I have learned a lot there and enjoy hearing from people who sometimes struggle – just like me.”

“Make an appointment with yourself for your health. Go to the next Diabetes Support Group Meeting,” Linda encourages.

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