Our Mission

The mission of the Richland Hospital Foundation, Inc. is the development and successful acquisition of gifts to assist the Richland Hospital, Inc. in providing exceptional healthcare to the region.

The Richland Hospital Foundation invites you to join with so many others who have taken our mission statement to heart. Our mission quite simply captures what we believe is very important to our entire community. And that is the availability of excellent health care close to home. Our mission is made possible by people like you who are passionate about a healthy community and are deeply rooted in their annual support of the Richland Hospital Foundation.

A Message From Norbert Calnin, Executive Director

I recently came across an article talking about the importance of estate planning. Embedded in the title of the article were the words “dreams and fingerprints.” Those words seemed to jump out at me as the very essence of everything we’ve been trying to convey through our Richland Hospital Foundation estate planning program. And they don’t sound nearly as stuffy!

Talking with donors and community members about estate planning and the importance of having a plan can easily bring on blank stares and the inevitable question: “What exactly is estate planning?“ or, “Do I really need to do that?” However when the conversation turns away from simply talking about possessions, and turns to children and grandchildren and the aspirations they have for their loved ones, we slip into a world of dreams and fingerprints.

Now we’re talking about what really matters; dreams that have yet to be realized or the fingerprints we all want to leave on the lives of our loved ones by helping them secure a bright future. Now we’re talking about things close to the heart; about the things and people that matter dearly to us. Often times it even includes the organizations we gave our precious time to because we strongly value what they are accomplishing in our community. The conversation has become meaningful, necessary; almost urgent. Now we’re ready to talk about estate planning!

If you have unaccomplished dreams, or would like to leave your fingerprints on the lives of your heirs and the community you call home, please contact me at the Richland Hospital Foundation. It’s time to make a plan!

Norbert Calnin
Executive Director, Richland Hospital Foundation

For More Information
If you would like to speak with someone about a gift for the hospital or if you have any questions about the Richland Hospital Foundation please contact:

Norbert Calnin, Executive Director of The Richland Hospital Foundation
(608) 647-6321
Richland Hospital Foundation, Inc.
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