Patient Rights

Patient Rights

The Richland Hospital supports and recognizes each patient’s right to treatment and services. Staff interaction with and the care of all patients will reflect concern and respect for patient rights which include:

Reasonable access to care

Considerate care within the scope of our mission, that respects each patient’s personal values and beliefs

The patient’s informed participation in decisions regarding his or her care including:

  • The availability of interpreter services or American sign language interpreters;
  • Access to adaptive equipment including TDD and aides for the visually and hearing impaired;
  • Complete information on your condition, treatment plan and prognosis.

Your participation in the consideration of ethical issues that arise in the provision of your care, including:

  • Giving informed consent;
  • Resolving dilemmas about care decisions;
  • The right to refuse any procedure or treatment;
  • Withholding resuscitative services;
  • Forgoing or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment;
  • Participation in investigational studies and/or clinical trials;
  • Care at the end of life.

Personal privacy and confidentiality of information including:

  • The right to close the curtain around your bed or close the door when privacy is desired;
  • The right to request no visitors/phone calls or designate who may visit and/or call during your stay;
  • Designation of a representative decision-maker in the event that you are not capable of understanding a proposed treatment or procedure or are unable to communicate your wishes regarding care;
  • Informing you of these issues;
  • Your caregivers are educated by the hospital about patient rights and their role in supporting those rights;
  • Access to protective services.

Should you have a question about any of these rights, or need any of the services mentioned, such as interpreter services or use of adaptive aides, please contact the Clinical Coordinator on duty through your nurse.

Do you have a concern or comment?

Making sure that you have a good healthcare experience while you are a patient at the Richland Hospital is very important to us. If you have not received great healthcare, it is your right as a patient or family member to voice your concern or comment regarding any part of your patient care experience. More importantly, we want to know what happened and we want to talk about ways we can do things differently.

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