Admission & Registration

Admission and Registration Process

We attempt to make the admissions process as quick and easy as possible. If you are being admitted by prior arrangement at the request of your physician, you may receive a phone call at home to obtain the necessary information. At the time of admission, all that is required is for you to review the information and sign the necessary papers.

Patients frequently remark that their signatures seem to be required many times; actually, each document you sign is required for medical, legal, or financial purposes. Some of the information you supply is required by law and is held in strict confidence.

Except in the case of an emergency, you will be registered by an admitting clerk and then taken to your room. Nursing personnel will ask for additional medical information essential to provide you with individual care. Room preferences will be accommodated whenever possible, however, your medical condition and diagnosis will be the primary factors determining the room you are assigned. As a patient, you will wear an identification bracelet with your name, physician’s name and identification number. This bracelet assists in ensuring accurate patient identification.

Protecting Your Valuables During Your Hospital Stay

Richland Hospital is not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry or other valuables kept in your room. Upon admission you will be given a choice of sending your valuables home with a relative or friend or placing them in the business office safe. You will receive a receipt for your valuables. The receipt must be presented each time a withdrawal of valuables is made or when all valuables are withdrawn. This is for your protection. You may pick up your personal items from the cashier upon discharge or request that someone else pick them up for you.

Medications from Home

Patients wishing to use their own medications may do so upon written order of their physician. No other medication may be used by the patient in the Hospital except those ordered by the physicians. All medication brought by the patient to the Hospital; will be sent to the pharmacy for identification, storage, and safekeeping. Medications will be returned to the patient when discharged. The patient’s physician may advise that some medications be discarded if they are no longer appropriate.

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