Financial and Billing Assistance

Financial and Billing Assistance

On this Richland Hospital Patient Billing and Financial Assistance section of our website you will find information about the following.


Insurance and Billing Information

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Billing. Depending on the healthcare services you receive, you may receive different bills. These bills may be from the hospital, your primary care physician, pathologist or other physician specialists. We will attempt to collect all known patient expenses at the time of your visit, including deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance amounts. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, money order or credit/debit cards.

Insurance Coverage. We will bill your insurance company on behalf of you. We will attempt to provide all the information that your insurance company needs, however; they may require a response from you to resolve issues related to your plan.

If your insurance provider does not make payment timely or does not respond to our attempts to resolve payment matters, we will send you a bill. Be sure you know your health insurance policy and all pre-certification and pre-authorization requirements. If your health insurance denies your claim, you will be responsible for contacting them for resolution or you may be responsible for the charges.

Uninsured. If you do not have health insurance and worry that you may not be able to pay in full, we may be able to help. We provide financial assistance programs to patients based on eligibility criteria. In addition, we may be able to help you identify other available resources. In additional, a prompt pay discount is available for accounts paid in full within 25 days of the first billing statement.

Managing your account balance. Balances owed due to being uninsured or for insurance deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance or non-covered charges are due within 30 days of the first billing statement. If unable to pay the full amount due, Richland Hospital will work with you to arrange a payment plan. It is important that you let us know if you will have difficulty paying your bill. Federal law requires us to apply our billing and collections criteria consistently to all patients. Unpaid bills may ultimately be referred to an outside collection service, which could affect your credit status.

Financial Assistance. The Richland Hospital, Inc. provides Community Care to those patients who are financially unable to pay for services provided at the hospital. For more information, please call (608) 647-6321 or see: Financial Assistance for Those Unable to Pay for Care.


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Healthcare Pricing Information

HFMA has developed a guide to help consumers understand where to get answers to their questions about healthcare prices, compare prices among providers, and manage their out-of-pocket costs. Below are links to the guides.

Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumer Guide
Comprensión de los precios de la salud: una guía del usuario

Wisconsin Hospital Association’s PricePoint
The PricePoint web site allows healthcare consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about healthcare services and charges. Consumers can query information for Inpatient services, Outpatient Surgeries, Emergency Department and Urgent Care visits, Observation services, and ancillary services like radiology and therapies. Below is a link to PricePoint.

Wisconsin PricePoint. Find prices for services, and compare with other hospitals.

For additional pricing information, please contact the Patient Accounting Department of The Richland Hospital at (608) 647-6321.


Financial Assistance for Those Unable to Pay for Care

Updated 01/2016

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Community Care Program, Financial Assistance

No health insurance? Or, do you have insurance but the out-of-pocket costs for your deductibles or plan co-payments are simply at a level that you cannot manage?

The Richland Hospital may be able to help you!

Patients that meet specific financial eligibility requirements may be eligible to receive help with their Hospital healthcare bills via discounts offered under the Community Care Program. As a patient treated a Muscoda Health Center or Spring Green Medical Center, Both clinics owned and operated by The Richland Hospital, Inc., you are eligible for consideration under this program.

Thumbnail image of front of English language Community Care Program brochureInformation on the Community Care Program
For information on the program and how to apply, view our Plain Language Summary of the policy in the following downloadable/printable documents:

Community Care Brochure
El Programa de Atención Comunitaria

PA-01 Community Care Program, Financial Assistance
PA-01 Programa de Atención a la Comunidad Asistencia Financiera

Applying for Community Care
To apply, click on the link below, print and complete the Community Care Program application. You may mail or deliver the application and the supporting documentation to:

      Richland Hospital
      333 E. Second Street
      Richland Center, WI 53581

Community Care Program Application
Solicitud del Programa de Atención a la Comunidad

Additional Information
The Richland Hospital’s Credit and Collection Policy is available at the following link:
PA-05 Credit and Collections Policy/Placement for Collections
PA-05 Políticas y Procedimientos Contables del Paciente

For more information or to speak to a Patient Financial Services, Patient Counselor,
call (608) 647-6321

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