Spring Green Patient Stories

Spring Green Patient Stories


A Doctor’s Support Every Step of the Way

huffman-patientSpring Green resident, Linda Huffman had not been feeling good for a while. Frustrated and unable to figure out what was wrong, she met with Dr. Jillian Scherer at the Spring Green Medical Center.

“I knew that I liked her the minute I met her. She told me about her life and took time to listen to me,” Linda said. “She ran tests and told me she was not going to leave any stone unturned.”

Sadly, the tests revealed that Linda had colon cancer. Dr. Scherer made time in her schedule to talk with Linda and her husband, Ed. “She told me that she would be with me every step of the way,” Linda said. “And, my husband was right there with me for every appointment.”

Linda had surgery in Madison and then had her chemotherapy at the Richland Hospital. “I just can’t say enough about the care I received from the chemotherapy nurses,” she said. “They were great.”

Today, Linda is on a roll and feeling much better. In fact, Linda has lost over 100 pounds. “Dr. Scherer and her assistant have been just fabulous. They have cheered me on every step of the way,” Linda said.


Darby Blakley – Healthcare Close to Home

Collage of two images. Darby Blakley in high school gym, coaching basketball. And family photo of Blakley family.Darby Blakley is pretty busy most days. November through March, he is even busier. Darby is a husband and father of three children. He is an administrator at River Valley High School, the lead on the River Valley School Districts television station, and the River Valley varsity girls’ basketball coach.

One day last winter, Darby began experiencing chest pains. It worried him enough that he called Spring Green Medical Center to see what he should do. Steve Wolk, Certified Physician Assistant at Spring Green Medical Center and Darby’s primary care provider, said he wanted to see Darby immediately. “I told him that I didn’t have much time to be seen because I had a basketball game to coach that night” Darby said. Wolk respected Darby’s desire to coach, but stressed that he really wanted to see Darby to assess him and run some tests.

“Steve was great. He was very quick and precise. Based on my physical condition, he allowed me to go to the game,” Darby said. On the bus ride to Richland Center, the coach mentally prepared for the game. “I tried to focus on the game, but it was in the back of my mind,” he said. Just before the tip-off, Darby’s phone rang. It was Wolk telling him that the tests were all good. “Steve could have waited until the next morning to call me, but he stayed on top of things and called right away,” Darby said. “It was a big game and I am pretty animated on the bench, so Steve’s call gave me peace of mind.”

Darby said that type of commitment and great care is something that he and his family always get at Spring Green Medical Center. “They always listen and make us feel that we are really important,” he said. “With 3 kids, there are times when being seen quickly is the most important thing. We are comfortable seeing anyone there and have gotten great care from everyone we have seen.”

Regular blood testing is part of Darby’s healthcare routine. As an administrator at school, he doesn’t have a lot of down time, so when he has a few minutes free, he goes to the clinic for his tests and they work him right in.

“They know me and I know them. We talk about how our families are doing. It is great to have people who truly care, taking care of us,” he said.


That’s Why We’re Here – To Take Care of You

Ellen DuPuy does not remember when she began seeing Dr. Kay Balink at Spring Green Medical Center. Before the Spring Green Medical Center existed, she went to Richland Center for care. When the Spring Green Medical Center was built, she began seeing Dr. Balink for her primary care. While there was not anything unique about the beginning of their patient /doctor relationship, their connection today is one that Ellen would not trade.

“It feels like I have always been with Kay,” Ellen said. “She is someone that I have relied on for a long time.” Ellen has trusted Dr. Kay Balink with her care for years. Some years, she may have only gone in for her annual appointment. Other years, issues came to light that required more physician attention and office visits.

“She is always there for me. Whenever I have a concern, she senses my urgency and gets me in,” Ellen said. “She is soothing to talk to. I think my blood pressure drops just talking to her.” Dr. Kay Balink has been a fixture in the Spring Green community for years. She has worked with the schools and has been active in the community. Her practice has encompassed a wide range of patients from birth to end of life, and it’s her patients who are her biggest fans.

“I love that Kay looks at the whole person, not just the current problem,” Ellen said. “She takes a lot of time, which is really great.” Some health concerns came to light once when Ellen was out of town. She called Spring Green Medical Center Receptionist, Geri Doerre and talked with her about her concerns. Geri, understanding Ellen’s need to talk with Dr. Balink, tracked down Dr. Balink who was also out of town. “Dr. Balink called me while she was on vacation. As a patient, that says that I am very important to her,” Ellen said.

Later when Ellen was in the Spring Green Medical Center, she commented that she was impressed by the caring attitude shown by the staff and Geri responded, “that’s why we’re here…to take care of you.”


Dr. Scherer and Nurses Made Richland Hospital Birth Experience her Best

Heidi Martin and her family moved back to town about 5 years ago, but she had yet to find a primary care physician. When Heidi found out she was pregnant, she knew she had to pick a doctor to deliver her baby. “When you move somewhere, it’s hard. You have to find a new doctor and you hope that you find one that fits and that you can stay with,” Heidi said.

Dr. Jillian Scherer was new to the area and was taking new patients. She now sees everyone in Heidi’s family including her husband. “She is just perfect,” Heidi said. “We enjoy seeing her. She is very easy to talk to and never makes anything awkward or like there is a question that you shouldn’t ask.”

When Heidi had an issue come up that needed special attention, Dr. Scherer found a specialist that worked well for Heidi. “If it isn’t Dr. Scherer’s specialty, she is great about referring you to the best doctor she knows for the issue,” Heidi said.

Recently, Heidi gave birth to her third child at the Richland Hospital with the help of Dr. Scherer. She had given birth to her first two children at large hospitals and Heidi admits to being nervous about giving birth to her 3rd child at a smaller hospital.

“Our first baby had some issues after her birth and I worried that if something went wrong this time, would the Richland Hospital be big enough to give me the care I needed?” she said. Heidi talked with Dr. Scherer about her concerns and Dr. Scherer eased Heidi’s fears. “Dr. Scherer is exactly what I was looking for. A doctor that is calm, communicates medical information in a way that I understand, and if an issue were to come up, she could take hold of the situation quickly and be my best advocate. I trusted her completely,” Heidi said.

“Everything went very well,” Heidi said. “This was the best experience of all three births. The nurses were the best I have ever had. At the other larger hospitals, the nurses were always in a hurry. The nurses at the Richland Hospital really cared about me and my baby. They gave great care.”

“One night I was exhausted and my baby wasn’t ready to sleep,” Heidi said. “The nurse said, ‘you go ahead and get some rest. I will rock him for a while.’ I thought that was wonderful.”

When Heidi and her baby went home, Dr. Scherer also helped Heidi when she had issues breastfeeding. “Dr. Scherer is a lactation consultant as well, so she was really able to help.” Heidi said. “I am so grateful to have found her.”

Heidi and her family recommend the Richland Hospital Birth Center and Dr. Jillian Scherer.

Helga and Leslie Shultz - Leslie had two knee replacement surgeries with Dr. Thomas Beck

Leslie Shultz – Determination Helped Recovery From Two Knee Replacements

Leslie Shultz has been the pastor at Arena Congregational Church for the past 15 years. He became a pastor 50 years ago after serving in the Navy. He has traveled the Western seas and lived in 5 states. Leslie has been around the block, has been a part of many lives, and enjoys traveling with his wife, Helga.

Leslie and Helga live in Spring Green. They are patients at Spring Green Medical Center and see Dr. Kay Balink for their healthcare needs.

In 2013, Leslie had his left knee replaced at the Richland Hospital in Richland Center by Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Beck. After experiencing success with the first knee, he stayed with the Richland Hospital and had his right knee replaced by Dr. Beck in 2014. “I had virtually no pain after either surgery,” Leslie said. “Dr. Beck is a wonderful doctor.”

Leslie worked very hard to rehabilitate both knees and says that the physical therapists who helped him were great. Maureen Smith, PT, worked with Leslie after his first knee replacement. Charlene Puskala, PT, worked with Leslie at Spring Green Medical Center with his second. “Working with Charlene at Spring Green Medical Center was easy and convenient,” Leslie said. “I have seen some people not push as hard as they could have during their rehabilitation and their outcomes were not good. I was determined that wouldn’t happen to me.”

Leslie celebrated his 81st birthday in February. This summer, he and his wife will once again be traveling. They have reservations at a couple of tourist area cottages. And, Leslie says that his knees will not be holding them back.


Dr. Scherer is a Great Doctor

The Stanton Family; Laura holding Grace and Tim holding Noah.

Laura and Tim Stanton met Dr. Jillian Scherer shortly after learning Laura was pregnant. “I knew right away that Dr. Scherer’s personality fit me perfectly,” Laura said. “I could tell that she loves what she does. And, as a new mom herself, she understood me.”

Dr. Scherer and her husband relocated to this area in 2013 and Dr. Scherer began seeing patients at Spring Green Medical Center soon after. For patients like Laura Stanton, she fills a need in Spring Green as a physician who provides a full spectrum of obstetric care.

Twins run in Laura’s family. In fact, she is a twin herself and quietly wondered if she might be pregnant with twins. “At the ultrasound, Dr. Scherer found the second baby,” Laura said. “It was not a huge surprise for me, but my husband got quiet for a few minutes after he heard the news.”

With the knowledge that the couple was expecting twins, came some apprehension about delivering so far from home. The Stantons live nearly an hour away from Richland Hospital in Black Earth. Dr. Scherer talked with Laura about the scenarios that could play out. She offered to be Laura’s support person at another hospital if something happened and she needed to go to Madison. She offered to ride in the ambulance with her if something urgent came up.

Dr. Scherer shared that she wanted the twins to be born at 38 weeks because potential problems begin to outweigh the benefits gained in those final two weeks. “She said if it gets to that point, let’s schedule it for my day off so that I can spend more time with you,” Laura said. “As a patient, I felt really important to her.”

The twins, Noah and Grace decided to choose their own birthday when Laura’s water broke at work. She called her husband and the two headed for Richland Center from Spring Green where Laura is a teacher. “Noah came first after just two and a half hours,” Laura said. “Grace came 45 minutes later.” Everything went smoothly and as expected at the hospital. “At my pre-natal appointments, Dr. Scherer talked about who would be in the room and what they could do for me,” Laura said. “We were very well prepared and the nurses were great.”

As a family practice doctor, Dr. Scherer delivers babies and has specialized training in C-section surgery. She is also a new mom. It is her professional expertise combined with her own experiences as a mom that Laura loves. “Dr. Scherer is a great doctor. She covers all the medical pieces that need to be covered,” Laura said. “And, as a mom, she often says, ‘this is something that works for me. It might or might not work for you, but you could try it.’”

Noah, Grace, and Laura were scheduled for their 6 month check-up a week after this story was written. All three enjoy seeing Dr. Scherer and her assistant Christy Wegner. “We have more questions and Dr. Scherer will answer them just like she always does,” Laura said. “Christy is great too. You can tell that both of them love babies and really love what they do.”

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