Board of Directors

The Richland Hospital Board of Directors

To send an email to the Board of Directors, click any name below which will open your email program with the board of director email address already entered. Email intended for a specific board member will be forwarded to them.

Please Note: Information provided via email is not protected by HIPAA privacy protection laws.

Robert Nugent, Richland Hospital Board Member

Robert (Bob) Nugent

Board Member John Poole
John Poole

Richland Hospital Board Member John Annear
John Annear
Board Treasurer

Richland Hospital Board Member Marilyn Rinehart
Marilyn Rinehart

David May, MD – Family Practice; Board Certified
David May, MD
Chief of Staff
Richland Hospital Physician

Jennifer Myszkowski, MD
Board Member
Richland Hospital Physician

Board Member Traci Peterson
Traci Peterson
Board Member

Board Member Robby Anderson
Robby Anderson
Board Member

Jerry Gander
Board Member

Jerry, McCauley, Richland Hospital Board Member
Gerald (Jerry) McCauley
Board Member

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